Hey look... a party and contests!!

Hey look... a party and contests!!

Red's Army

Hey look... a party and contests!!

2012 party invite copy
Just reminder that we've teamed up with the good folks at Boston Sports Then and Now for our annual party.  This year, we're making it a Celtics-Lakers viewing party.  Here are a few reasons to go.

  • We're awesome and you should meet us
  • We've got free food!!!
  • We'll have a drink special
  • We're raffling off prizes ($1 ticket).  Here are the prizes
    • 2 tickets to the March 28 Celtics game vs. Al Jefferson and the Utah Jazz
    • 2 tickets to "Magic/Bird" Broadway play (date TBA)
    • $100 gift card to The Place
    • Ray Allen's Muze T-shirts
    • Antoine Walker autographed basketball
    • Gift cards ($50 and $10) to fanatics.com 
  • Did I mention how awesome it would be to meet us?  Ok.. fine… just go for free food.
  • We're watching the Celtics-Lakers with a special guest (oooh… mysterious)

Seriously, those are some kick ass prizes.  The party is on March 11 and it starts at 2pm.  The game is at 3pm.  We're going to have a lot of fun.  If you want to go, please RSVP on our Facebook event page.  As an added bonus, anyone who shares that poster from the event page will get a free raffle ticket for every one you buy. 

But wait… there's more….

Don't forget to enter our contest to win $100 towards tickets to ANY CELTICS GAME purchased through our TiqIQ ticket service.  Go here now to learn how to enter.  CONTEST ENDS AT 5PM TODAY!!!

We're not done yet!!

You can win a free trip to Ireland… and help us set a Guinness World Record.  Go here to enter.

Seriously… that's a lot of free stuff for you guys.  Come to the party, bring all your friends, cheer on the Celtics, and have a grand ol' time. 

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