Recap: Evan Turner and the Sixers pummel the C's

Recap: Evan Turner and the Sixers pummel the C's

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Recap: Evan Turner and the Sixers pummel the C's


*clang**clunk*….*clank*.. Those were the sounds of the Celtics offense missing shot after shot tonight. They shot 34% in the first half, and 35% for the game. In total contrast, the Sixers shot a blistering 52% in the first 2 quarters and finished at 48% for the game.

We all expected the C’s to be tired after 2 overtime games in 3 days, but this game was a joke. The Sixers scored the first 6 points of the game and never looked-back, beating a listless, uninspired Celtics squad 103-71 tonight.

Paul Pierce led the Celtics with 16 and Evan Turner’s career-high 26 points led all-scorers. There are so many bad things I could speak-on, but I won’t bore you – I’ll just state the facts: C’s were out-rebounded 52-33 and were 0 of 7 from 3pt land. Pierce managed to attack the rim here & there, but most of the C’s offense consisted of hucking-up jumpshots.

20 of the Sixers first 24 points were in the paint. They scored at will on an array of dunks, layups and jumpers. It took the Sixers almost 5 minutes to score in the 2nd quarter, but it also took C’s just-about as long so they couldn’t chip-away at the then 16-point lead. This was an absolute blow-out from tip to final horn. Before tonight, a 31-point loss to the Cavaliers was the worst loss in the Big 3 era. This 32-point smoking now takes the honor.

Interesting moment with about 1 minute left in the 3rd; Mickael Pietrus came-off the court, and Doc grabbed him, said a few words and then sent him right to the locker room. Eddie Lacerte followed close-behind. It’s been obvious (to me anyway) for about the last 3 games that Pietrus has not been himself. Have not heard anything as far as an injury-update as of yet.

Well, the C’s will have to shake this off quickly. Because a very good Portland team will be in Boston Friday, and then the road-trip from hell begins with a back-to-back of Lakers/Clippers in La-La Land.

Put your helmets on and strap-in CelticsNation…

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