Your Morning Dump... Doc Rivers had the beer face

Your Morning Dump... Doc Rivers had the beer face

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Your Morning Dump... Doc Rivers had the beer face


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here... highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“Doc comes in and you can tell how he’s looking,’’ Garnett said of the team’s pregame shootaround. “He’s looking like he had no sleep. And his hair is standing on top of his head and he has the beer face, if you will.

“Some mornings we come in and you can tell it’s playful, a little relaxed. Other times it’s dead on, you can see it. It’s very quiet, it’s very deliberate. This morning was one of those very deliberate mornings. Every guy was locked in. Sort of intense, if you will. And that’s the way I like it.’’

“What happened in Philly wasn’t us,’’ Garnett said. “But it happens and we’re the Celtics. And, like I said, to get back on track, it takes focus and I thought we did that.

“Any time you perform like that, running in mud or running in sand, whatever you want to call it, you want to come out and give a better performance and tonight was the epitome of that."

Globe – Celtics make quick work of clearing out Blazers

There are three things I'm going to miss about Kevin Garnett; defensive intensity, silky smooth jumper, and the off-the-wall comments. He's a bloggers dream.

We figured the Celtics would bounce back from Wednesday's debacle in Philadelphia. We knew that Portland was coming into town a ragged bunch. The formula added up to a Celtics victory, but I don't know anyone on the planet who saw that type of blowout coming. 

I'm off to try the beer face approach with my son's youth basketball league. 

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On Page 2, the Celtics are still interested in Chris Kaman.

Sources close to the situation said the Hornets continue to talk to teams about a possible Kaman trade, with the Rockets, Warriors, Heat, Pacers and Celtics among those still interested. The Hornets, sources said, are looking for draft picks or young players to help build their foundation, and the odds appear slim that any of the teams will satisfy the league's demands. The Rockets and Warriors, specifically, continue to pursue Howard and would be hesitant to give up pieces in a Kaman deal first.

Sports Illustrated

We've been over this before. Due to Kamen's $14 million salary, it's almost impossible for the Celtics to make a deal. 

Kamen makes sense, if Danny Ainge is looking to bolster the team's chances this year. But there's no combination of Jermaine O'Neal and other bench players that make sense for both sides.

I just don't see a fit.

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