MadTown Badgers Bracket Challenge

MadTown Badgers Bracket Challenge

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MadTown Badgers Bracket Challenge

It wouldn’t be March without brackets and office pools and we here at MadTown Badgers would beTC dumb not to get in on the action, so we’re throwing down the gauntlet to our readers!!  Take us on in our ESPN Tournament Challenge and you can win some MadTown Badgers gear as well as get to make a guest post on here to brag about your victory… Well, that’s if you’ve got what it takes to beat our staff!! The overall winner takes home his/hers choice of gear from the MadTown Badgers Store as well as the post on our site, so step up to the plate!!

The rules are simple, pick the winners of each game through the championship game and when you are doing your entry if you have a twitter account please make that your team name, otherwise use your real name so that we can easily identify who’s who and we can give shout outs to those that are worthy of it!!  

So get your bracket picking on – whether that’s throwing darts, picking out of a hat, or the ever popular better nickname – or go the route of actually trying to analyze matchups…

In that order we’ll have you covered tomorrow afternoon as our Editor Andy and our partners over at’s Mike Holder bring you College Tourney Central – Breakdown Special which airs at 2pm Central time.

Again good luck and make sure to make your picks as the field is locked after the tip on Thursday!!  Click here to get in on the action!

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