Doc: It's crazy what Kevin's doing

Doc: It's crazy what Kevin's doing

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Doc: It's crazy what Kevin's doing

KGVia the Boston Herald:

“It’s crazy what Kevin’s doing,” Rivers went on. “I mean, let’s just be honest, he’s been the guy every night that’s shown for the most part. I mean, before the year who would have thought that?

“But those are two guys that have always taken care of their body. They eat right. They sleep right. They work out right. I don’t think Kevin or Kobe has ever been out of shape in their lives.”

KG has been the one consistent beacon of light in this dark season. He’d be getting a lot more praise if the Celtics didn’t flat out stink.

Doc had some great comments about aging and injury, in general:

“Just because you have plans, it doesn’t mean your body has the same plans,” Rivers said. “You know, our league is hard. So you play 12-13 years, I don’t care if you start at 18 or 23, it’s still 12 or 13 years in the NBA. And your body is at that point probably going to say, ‘I’m tired.’ You can only do so much.

“It’s funny. I do think guys in this generation do more. They don’t play as much basketball, which I wish they did, but they do more work now — all the lifting. They’re waking up muscles we never had. I kid them about that all the time. I say, ‘You guys pull stomach muscles … we never had those injuries, because we never had the muscle.’ I think they put more stress on their body than we did. I think they’re tighter than we were, so at some point the body gives up.”

I’m pretty sure Larry Bird never strained an oblique.

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