Your Morning Dump... Where Jermaine says he never asked for a buyout

Your Morning Dump... Where Jermaine says he never asked for a buyout

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Your Morning Dump... Where Jermaine says he never asked for a buyout

Jermaine o'neal pointingEvery morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here... highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

"That's something that needs to be cleared up," he said. "I never asked Danny. I never spoke to Danny – quote me on this – about a buyout. Danny has never spoken to me about a buyout. Our conversation has always been strictly with [team trainer] Ed Lacerte and our doctors about my health and my ability to come back. "

O'Neal added, "He said to the media that we were going to have a conversation, and we both had the same question for each other, 'Where does this stuff come from?' My concern and his concern was my ability to get back on the court. And if I couldn't, then I couldn't. He has supported me in such a way that . . . me and my family appreciate that."

CSNNE:  O'Neal: I never spoke to [Ainge] about a buyout

I know, Jermaine… the media is full of people who just make things up to drive pageviews, listenership and viewership.  And while you can make the argument that guys will go over the top and make wild arguments they don't always themselves believe (see Felger, Michael or Bayless, Skip), I'm not buying it with Adrian Wojnarowski, who had the original JO buyout news.

Words can be carefully chosen.  "I never spoke to Danny about a buyout" doesn't mean someone who represents him didn't drop a hint that Jermaine was open to one.  Of course, the "sources" could also be Jermaine and his people who are trying to plant a story, refute it, and then when Danny says "where did THAT story come from?"  Jermaine could say "I don't know… crazy, right?  Unless you're, you know, into it…. "

But hey, that's fine.  This is the business side of things and this is just how all this stuff works in the NBA.  Jermaine is leaving the door open to come back and play again, saying he has the option to have certain surgeries that won't end his career… that is until he has the career ending bone-fusion surgery at some point.  And he also says…

I would like to come and finish a job that I started [in Boston]. If not, I totally understand. I still appreciate everything this organization has done for me."

Somehow, I don't think that's going to happen.  There's a lot in that link at the top.  It's the most extensive stuff we've heard from Jermaine in a while. 

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On Page 2:  Greg Stiemsma gets ready for a home game tomorrow

Greg stiemsma blocking pau gasol“Actually since probably the first day I signed with the Celtics, people have been like, ‘Oh, you’re in Milwaukee on March 22.’ They’ve been telling me they’ve been counting the days for three months now, so it’ll be fun. I’m looking forward to it. Plus it’ll be a big game. All these games are big coming up. So to go in there and get a win will be real good.”

Stiemsma doesn’t want to lose the focus that allowed him to shed weight and take giant steps with his game. But he smiles when he considers how big a deal tomorrow night will be for Randolph and it’s population of around 1,800.

“I think the town might shut down,” he said.

Herald: Greg Stiemsma goes home

Good for him.  I just hope he's not TOO amped to play in front of friends and family, gets overzealous, and commits stupid fouls.  Sometimes when you get in front of your family like that, you move a little too fast and try to do a little too much. 

Of course, he could also be so energized by it that he goes off and blocks 8 shots.

I think I'm voting for the second one.  

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