Banner 17 comes to Children's Hospital

Banner 17 comes to Children's Hospital

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Banner 17 comes to Children's Hospital


When I found out yesterday that Banner 17 was coming to my place of employment, I was thrilled. With the NCAA tourney in town, the TD Garden relocated the Boston Celtics' & Boston Bruins' championship banners temporarily. As part of the move, via their Facebook page. and Twitter account, TD Garden invited fans to suggest locations for the banners to be housed.

Myself and some of my colleagues at Children's Hospital Boston, as well as some patients and their families, suggested the banners come here. And sure enough, the Celtics' and Bruins' latest championship banners were raised to the top of our lobby this morning at 10am!

It was fantastic to see some children that don't always have alot to smile about smiling ear-to-ear at the sight of the banners. They are truly a sight to behold and I feel extremely fortunate to have seen them up close & personal. It gave me chills to think that the last time these banners were down at eye-level, our heroes from the Celtics and Bruins were getting ready to raise them to the rafters of the TD Garden. A fantastic day for all the staff and patients of Children's Hospital and their families.

Check out my pics after the jump.


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