Recap: Undermanned C's fall in Philly

Recap: Undermanned C's fall in Philly

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Recap: Undermanned C's fall in Philly

I'm still sick to my stomach at the sight of yet another Boston Celtic being wheeled of the court on a stretcher. It was very hard to focus on anything in the 2nd half as a fan-I can't imagine what it was like for the Celtics' players.

The C's came-out strong on offense and especially on defense. They were firing-on all cylinders, and then it happened. Mickael Pietrus landed hard on his back/shoulders, his head violently snapping-back. The play came on a drive in the lane with 5:07 left in the 2nd. The arena was silent. Both teams prayed, and CelticsNation held their breath.

Pietrus was wheeled-off the floor on a stretcher, and taken to a local hospital. If you missed the game/play, you can see it here. The Sixers came-out in the 2nd half and simply blindsided a weary, thin Celtics squad that also lost Avery Bradley to a sprained-ankle. The C's were out-of-gas physically and emotionally and the Sixers simply took advantage. It didn't hurt that the Sixers got hot, and hit what seemed like everything they put-up in the 2nd half. KG continued to play his ass off and had 20 & 8 tonight. Pierce followed suit with 20 & 9. Rondo dished-out an impressive 17 assists, but was not a factor scoring-wise. He took 5 shots total and did not get to the FT once. 

There are links to the recap and boxscore below. Please keep Mickael Pietrus in your thoughts and prayers. I've had a chance to meet him a couple of times this season, and he is such a great, light-hearted guy. I'm really pulling for him tonight. C's finish this grueling cross-country trip 4-4 and 1.5 games out of first. Not too shabby for an old, injury-plagued squad if you ask me.

*UPDATE Doc just told the media Pietrus is having ct scans and mri's done and will remain in the hospital tonight


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