Your Morning Dump... Where Pietrus has a "closed head injury"

Your Morning Dump... Where Pietrus has a "closed head injury"

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Your Morning Dump... Where Pietrus has a "closed head injury"

Mickael Pietrus leaves on a stretcher
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“He’s already had an X-ray (and) CT (scan). He’s doing an MRI right now. So that’s all we know. They’re going to hold him overnight, but that’s all I can give you right now.”

Pietrus has what the team is terming a “closed head injury.”

Herald:  Pietrus update

That's the best update we've got.  Closed head injury could mean a few things, I suppose.  The consensus seems to be this will ultimately get called a concussion, but we have to wait and see.  

One thing that strikes me as a positive note, is this note from the Globe:

Mickael Pietrus, injured in the second quarter of the Celtics' game at Philadelphia Friday night, will not be admitted to a hospital, according to a team source.

Pietrus, who underwent tests at a local hospital, then was released, was set to spend the night at the team hotel in Philadelphia.

I would think that if it was really serious, they'd have kept him in the hospital.  So I'm hopeful that we'll get some good news today. 

As for Avery Bradley… he suffered a sprained left ankle but he hopes to play tomorrow.

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On Page 2:  Ryan Hollins is going to make it work this time

“I’ve got to be better,” said Hollins. “I’ve got to be better, and a lot of it is fit. You get with certain teams, certain chemistries, certain environments, and guys tend to flourish. Hopefully this is my team and my situation. As a matter of fact, I’m going to make it my team and my situation.”

[…] “Right after I was bought out of Cleveland, (general manager) Danny(Ainge) came calling, and it was a no-brainer from there,” Hollins said. “Miami put out some interest, Indiana put out some interest, but just the veteran leadership (and) the name behind the Boston jersey and some experience with Paul and Kevin (Garnett) in the summertime, I know what it means here. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.”

Herald:  Hollins gets straight talk from Rivers

Hollins says all the right things in this piece.  He talks about Doc's edict that Ryan needs to be better at rebounding, which I think we all know is true.  

But I'll tell ya, if Hollins was trying to win us over with his words, he sure as hell did it for me.  It goes to show… it's not that hard.  He seems eager to try to help, though I'm sure part of it is a desire to not become the guy who bounces around the league.  Hollins wants to stick in this league, not be the 10-day contract guy… or the "get him at the waiver deadline" guy.  He wants to be a legit player. 

There's no better situation for a young big man than Boston.  There's opportunity to play and tutelage from one of the best ever in KG.  Let's see what he does with it.

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