RedsArmy presents FanFriday #29: "The Dynamic Duo"

RedsArmy presents FanFriday #29: "The Dynamic Duo"

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RedsArmy presents FanFriday #29: "The Dynamic Duo"


As we head into the playoffs, it's time to wrap-up "Fan Friday" for another season. This week's fans are two personal friends that I've had some great times with at TD Garden. I met Donna and Rick in Section 5 a few seasons ago. Matt & his brother Ted, who were also featured on Fan Friday introduced me to them at a C's game.

Rick and Donna have been season-ticket holders at TD Garden since 2005, and Celtics fans all their lives. Rick, a native of South Boston, recalls watching the great Celtics teams of the 1980's "with the TV sound down and Johnny Most's radio commentary coming from a small transistor radio." Donna grew-up in Medford, Ma and also was raised on the days of Bird, Parish and McHale. On one of Rick & Donna's 1st dates, they talked about how despite not having met yet, they were both on City Hall Plaza for the C's victory rally in 1981. Rick fondly recalls Larry Bird saying: "You're right-Moses does eat sh*t!"


Rick and Donna call Game 6 of the NBA Finals in 2008 their favorite memory ever at the Garden. They recall the wonderful feeling of high-fiving other fans/friends in the closing minutes, knowing the C's were about to clinch Banner 17. The Garden was ready to burst as the clock ticked-down on the Celtics' 131-92 ass-whooping of the Lakers. It certainly was a night they will never forget.

I ran into Rick and Donna at the Garden on Easter Sunday when the C's beat the Sixers. I was so excited to see them, and my seats happened to be 2 rows behind the dynamic duo. We had a great night as the C's put away Philly and we made sure the Sixers heard us. Rick & Donna are passionate about the Celtics and have no shame when it comes to showing it. These two embody what it is to be a fan of the Boston Celtics. Their vast knowledge of Celtics tradition and history coupled with their unwavering devotion to the Green make me proud to be their friends. They are great fans and even greater people.

So this wraps-up "Fan Friday" for the 2011-12 Celtics season. It has been my pleasure to spotlight and recognize just a few of the millions of Celtics fans that support their squad. I hope you've all enjoyed reading about them, and please feel free to mention any ideas/feedback/questions you have in the comments. As always, thanks for reading and GO CELTICS!

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