Your Morning Dump... Where Paul Pierce feels great

Your Morning Dump... Where Paul Pierce feels great

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Your Morning Dump... Where Paul Pierce feels great

Paul pierce on the court against Miami

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“I feel great. When I look back at the season, all you can say is you got through it," he said. “There were a lot of complaints about the schedule, about the travel, the back-to-backs, the three games in a row. But I think I was able to hold up for the most part other than at the beginning of the year on an injury that happened before the season. I’m glad I made it through the season knowing that a lot of guys, a lot of key players, were injured. I’m happy for that.”

ESPN:  Pierce, KG may get more rest

The playoff teams are set, and other than New York and Philly trying to figure out who is going to dance with Chicago or Miami, the seeds are all set too.  The schedule has been brutal, and now teams are getting a chance to give their best players some time off to rest and recuperate. 

But there is the little matter of home court between Boston and Atlanta to figure out.  And with the Heat trying to get their rest like everyone else, today might be the day to play Pierce and KG and try to get a cheap win over their JV team. Even if you play them a bit in the first quarter, sit them the rest of the half, and then start the second half with them back in there… do something to get them in rhythm but not play them too much.  

Whatever Doc does, there IS a chance to accomplish both goals here.  Health is much more important than home court, but Pierce says he feels great.  I'm sure the time off is doing KG well.  And the rest of the guys are capable of winning these two games if Miami rests its stars.  

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On Page 2: More on Ray Allen's bone spurs

Allen said he hasn't had an X-ray, but an MRI revealed bone spurs.

"They say it could be the size of a grain of sand but they’re not supposed to be in there," Allen said. "As they swell they move around and when the swelling goes down, they rest." 

Allen wouldn't put a timetable on anything beyond Tuesday.

"It’s still being a little troublesome, but it’s getting better," he said. "I’m just aggressively treating it."

WEEI:  Allen dealing with bone spurs on ankle

Ray will need surgery to remove those at the end of the season.  Bone spurs aren't comfortable.  And they're not going away with rest or stretching.  

All Ray can do is try to get to a point where he can tolerate the pain and hope the spurs settle in a spot where he can move around and play.  

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