The NBA prepares itself for Ben Hansbrough

The NBA prepares itself for Ben Hansbrough


The NBA prepares itself for Ben Hansbrough

Let's face it, it's now only going to be a matter of time before the Indiana Pacers capture their maiden NBA title, because coach Frank Vogel has announced that Ben Hansbrough, the baby brother of Tyler "Psycho-T" Hansbrough, is about to become the Pacers' back-up point guard. Starting (well, coming off the bench) tonight in their game against the Cavaliers.

There's no telling where this move will take the Pacers, but given how DJ Augustin (and to be fair, the majority of the Pacers bench on most nights) has played so far this year (like a turd on a stick), surely things cannot get worse.

At the very least, B-Hans will play every possession like his life depends on it. At least his NBA life, anyway, because it's true. No one expected him to even make the 15-man roster. Everyone thought he only got a shot because of his big brother. But in pre-season and exhibition play at least, B-Hans wasn't awful and actually stringed together a few decent games. Not bad for a 6'3" undrafted point guard. Then again, Augustin played pretty well before the season started too.

Perhaps B-Hans will revive his big bro, who is still a psycho but has yet to find a way to consistently channel that psychosis into net positives. Maybe Tyler might start passing the ball now. Even if it's just to his little brother, at least it's somebody. Or maybe the siblings will develop some sort of supernatural chemistry and become the best dynamic bench duo in the league?

Honestly though, all jokes aside, B-Hans shouldn't be looked upon as anything more than Vogel trying something new to try and give his bench and Augustin a kick up the backside. He's not going to be the next Jeremy Lin, and when he struggles — and he undoubtedly will — it's not because he's not trying hard enough. 

Best of luck!

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