The Top 10 RHRP in Cleveland Indians History

The Top 10 RHRP in Cleveland Indians History


The Top 10 RHRP in Cleveland Indians History

Updated October 2017

The Cleveland Indians began using good pitchers in the bullpen for the first time in the 1940’s, but it was still of a time when the starting pitcher felt the need to complete every single game. As time has went on, the relief pitcher position has become more specialized, with players being used in important, late game situations rather than simply as mop up men. This list includes pitchers of both varieties, ranging from the 1941 Indians to the present day. While it takes at least 200 innings to get noticed for the rankings, relief pitchers are judged more on their average performance than their cumulative totals. Longevity still counts, but much more important is the players effectiveness during their time with the team. This list only includes right handed relievers, while the left handed list can be found here.


10. Frank Funk – Years as Relief Pitcher – 1960-1962

Funk has thrown the least amount of innings of the players listed, but deserves consideration because he holds the second lowest ERA among right handed relievers. In just two seasons (61-62) Funk threw in over 100 games (all in relief) and dominated constantly, never allowing his BAA get above .222 or his WHIP above 1.20.

9. Stan Williams – 1965, 1967-1969

From 1967-1969, Williams was the Indians go-to relief pitcher, pitching in over 100 games and moving into the closers role by 1969. He was on the outside of the rotation during that time and bounced between a starting role and his place in the bullpen. The fact that some of his best performances came as a starter is the only thing keeping him from the top of this list.

8. Vinnie Pestano – 2010-2014

Pestano had possibly the best first two full seasons of any Indians reliever ever. After his 2012 season, he lead all Indians (with at least 35 IP) in K/9 and held a 2.50 ERA, an incredible number in the modern age of baseball. Despite a poor 2013, he still has the best ERA and K/9 of all the players listed here and is among the leaders in all-time holds. His lack of innings pitched is the only thing keeping him this far down.

7. Paul Shuey – 1996-2002

Shuey lead the Indians in holds each of the first two seasons the stat existed, placing himself as record holder early on for both the single season and career marks (he has since lost both). Shuey was the go to reliever during the end of the Indians run in the mid 1990’s, throwing in over 360 games in relief. His 10 strike outs per nine innings rank number one among every Indians pitcher ever who has thrown at least 200 innings.

6. Gary Bell – 1962-1967

Bell was the penultimate right hander in Indians history, throwing more innings than any other reliever during his time with the Tribe. He was used as a starter, long reliever, short reliever and closer during his time with the team, striking out over 1,000 batters (good for top ten among all Indians pitchers), while no other relievers had more than 600.

5. David Riske – 2002-2005

David wasn’t anywhere near as risky as his name would make you think, holding an ERA at 3.55 and BAA under .220. Like another pitcher further on the countdown, Riske was a big part of the great 2005 Indians bullpen, pitching 72 innings in 58 games.

4. Joe Smith – 2009-2013, 2017

The most impressive thing about Joe Smith (outside of his very unique name) is his ability to keep runs from scoring. Over his five seasons, he maintained an ERA under 3.00, second best for any pitcher to throw at least 200 innings since Gaylord Perry left for Texas in 1975 (behind Cody Allen). Smith has pitched in few innings compared to the rest of this list, but his incredible batting average against (.212), ERA (2.76) and K/BB (2.02) allow him this lofty status. He ranks second in career holds with 97 and converted 87.7% of his 114 save and hold opportunities.

3. Rafael Betancourt – 2003-2008

The 2005 and 2007 bullpens were two of the greatest Indians relief corps of all time, despite never having a dominant closer. The main reason they were so great was the combination of Betancourt the other late inning set-up men that gave those closers many more chances than they deserved. In 2005 Betancourt set a new high for single season holds with 31 (a record that has since been broken by Vinnie Pestano) and is second all time with 84 career holds.

2. Eric Plunk – 1992-1998

Plunk’s postseason exploits marred the end of his time with the Tribe, so many people forget that he was a dominant part of the bullpen for most of a decade. The 1990’s Indians were famous for come from behind wins and Plunk took advantage, winning more games than any other pure reliever in Indians history. He pitched more innings than any other pure reliever on this list and began pushing the limits on K/9 to modern levels 20 years early.

1. Bryan Shaw – 2013-2017

Considered a throw in piece in the trade that netted the Tribe Trevor Bauer by many, Shaw was hugely integral in the Indians success during the Terry Francona era. Shaw’s ability to pitch better with no rest than after a day off allowed him to become the greatest work horse in team history, pitching in more games than all but one reliever (his teammate Cody Allen). He holds the team record for most times used in a single season as well with 80 and has four of the top 10 seasons despite playing with the team just five years. Of course, he wouldn’t have been used this often if he wasn’t effective and his 3.12 ERA ranks among the best Indians right handers ever. In addition, he holds the team record for holds with 110 and successfully converted 85% of his 140 save and hold opportunities.

Bryan Shaw 3.12 378 110 9 30 358.2 333 1.19 8.4 .095
Eric Plunk 3.25 373 26 46 462.0 460 1.32 9.0 7.7
Rafael Betancourt 3.25 371 84 17 40 410.0 409 1.14 9.0 7.9
Joe Smith 2.80 324 97 3 17 289.1 234 1.18 7.3 7.3
David Riske 3.55 287 33 16 7 317.1 318 1.26 9.0 7.5
Gary Bell 3.71 419 45 1,550.1 1,104 1.30 6.4 7.8
Paul Shuey 3.61 361 67 21 44 404.2 450 1.40 10.0 8.1
Vinnie Pestano 2.93 192 65 11 21 181.1 218 1.23 10.8 7.4
Stan Williams 3.12 124 22 456.0 362 1.17 7.1 7.7
Frank Funk 3.09 112 18 204.2 131 1.18 5.8 7.4

Borderline: Steve Gromek, Steve Karsay, Don McMahonEd Klieman,  Cal McLish

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