Vikings Reveal New Norseman Logo Updates

Vikings Reveal New Norseman Logo Updates


Vikings Reveal New Norseman Logo Updates

In a move that's been hinted at for several months now, the Minnesota Vikings have released an updated logo which features several subtle changes to the Norseman traditionally used. 

Conclusion? It …. Surprisingly doesn't suck!

We've known for some time that the Vikings were planning a logo update, hopefully to be soon followed by a uniform update as well. The team finally came through by releasing this new Norseman logo today, revealing the updates that had been in the works, and letting us all breath a sigh of relief. 

The thing actually doesn't suck! And I kind of like it a little bit better even. Everything seems much less pen-drawn and actually like a logo. The harsher lines around the face are a LITTLE bit silly, but still look pretty good. The new horns on his head are more in line with the recently updated horns worn on the helmets, and the gold is a bit richer in color too. 

Overall, not a bad change. And there should still be more updates (UNIFORMS?!) on the horizon, as the official release with the logo notes the following:

What’s next?
We are looking forward to many exciting changes for our team and fans in the next few years, leading up to the opening of our new stadium.  These logo enhancements are just the beginning…

Everyone get your hopes up!

I was fearful that they were going to go full on cartoony or circus bullshit as they've done with the uniforms, but this is acceptable change. Not acceptable change? Trading Percy Harvin. DON'T DO IT.

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