Giants New Signings, Joseph Signs with Vikes

Giants New Signings, Joseph Signs with Vikes

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Giants New Signings, Joseph Signs with Vikes

The New York Giants have agreed to terms with G Geoff Schwartz, RB Rashad Jennings and LB O'Brien Schofield.  DT Linval Joseph has signed with the Minnesota Vikings.

Let's get the scouting report and value assessment on the new players for the Gmen from our NFL source, Wonder:

Geoff Schwartz: "Very good, really good signing. It all comes down to money.  I am guessing his contract should be 6 yrs 48M with 21M guaranteed? I do not mind if they overpaid for him either.  I can't believe KC let him walk.  He is an excellent addition.  Would probably have been my #2 or #3 OLmen in Free Agency. I like guys that are road graders at Guard.  Schwartz is a road grader and he's solid in pass protection.  He is, if not all pro, a small step below all pro.  This is in direct contrast to Baas, whom we panned the moment he was signed. All I gotta say is that Geoff Schwartz is a BONAFIDE FOOTBALL PLAYER."

Rashad Jennings: "I liked him out of the draft from a small school.  I like him.  He is an upright runner, poor man's Eric Dickerson.  I assume they got him on the cheap. Runs hard, can pass protect, big guy.  If they got him cheap they did pretty well.

O'Brien Schofield: "I have no idea why they signed him.  Special teams? Second string depth?  I don't understand.  Journeyman, just another guy.  If you get him for the league minimum, and he adequately fills a roster spot, then that is ok. But the Giants paid 8M for him for 2 years, and that is insane.  INSANE with a capital I. Just nuts." 

Separately, Linval Joseph was signed by the Vikes, 5 yrs for 31M.  I am sad to see a guy hitting his prime leave the Giants.  It's a loss.  Interestingly, Wonder does not think he is worth the 31.5M. "Is he worth 5% of your salary cap? No."

Wonder goes on to explain free agency in broader strokes. "When you overpay for a stud, that is fine. But you can't overpay for fluff.  That is what kills you.  Arthur Jones is an overrated DE from the Ravens, a byproduct of Suggs and Ngata, an okay player, but would I give him 6M/yr? NO!  Getting Schwartz and overpaying for a stud, that is going to work because at least he delivers for you. He's young (27) and as a Guard he could easily deliver for you for many years.   Schofield 4M/yr?  Fluff and takes too much money from your cap.  Snee took a pay cut and that is ok.  Compare the money they got from that paycut, and then to blow it on Schofield does not make any sense."

Summary: Schwartz is a top 10 Free Agent signing. Very solid job getting him as long as not totally nuts $, i.e. 10M/yr. Assuming the Giants paid 6-7M per year, the Giants did very well. Jennings is a good move. Signing Schofield to 8M/2 yrs is a mistake.

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