Too early for an autopsy on the Redskins 2014 season?

Too early for an autopsy on the Redskins 2014 season?


Too early for an autopsy on the Redskins 2014 season?

After a 1-3 start that is starting to look like 1-5 given the Redskins’ schedule, is it time to call it over this year?

After a first draft of factors of why it could be over, I had to delete the list because it was 1) too long 2) too obvious and 3) too depressing!

The bizarre coaching moves such as cutting Richard Crawford, telling him he is on the practice squad, then not putting him on the practice squad, then putting him on the practice squad, then cutting him from the practice squad and then going straight to the roster suggests old Redskins’ random coaching patterns are still at play.  Between the injuries and the coaching moves, it makes the Redskins look like an old age home run by a mental institution.

It’s painful to say this, but look at the Cowboys.  Excellent drafting with a focus on first round picks shoring up the offensive line has paid off.  When everyone wrote off their defense, they found a discarded first round gem at linebacker and now they are thriving.

The Redskins have an allergy to young first round picks and prefer 30 year old plus discarded players.  They also have an allergy to investing first in the draft on the offensive line, the foundation of a good offense.

It’s too early to call 2014 over, but it isn’t too early to say 2012 was a fluke.  The Redskins are a losing team with undersized, over-aged players that had an incredible run in 2012.  Can they still turn it around in 2014?  They are probably a better team with a better head coach than the 2013 team though they are more plagued by injury than they were in 2013.

A miracle win over Seattle would work wonders for the Redskins’ low state of confidence.  Stay tuned….

Photo: Richard Crawford found here.

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