The Aftermath: (12/20/14) vs Chicago Blackhawks

The Aftermath: (12/20/14) vs Chicago Blackhawks

Blue Jackets

The Aftermath: (12/20/14) vs Chicago Blackhawks

In a pseudo away game the Jackets were once again able to prevail in overtime against the Chicago Blackhawks, 3-2. Just how exactly are they pulling this off?


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


The Good: Dalton Prout and Fedor Tyutin pairing.

A pairing that may be slower than molasses has oddly been a very effective pairing for the Jackets this year. On a night when many players were on the minus side of the Corsi battle with 50% and 52% respectively at even strength. Tyutin has shown signs of being over the hill this season but his return from the IR has been good for the depleted defensive core. Prout has been showing confidence in all facets of his game whether it be offensively, defensively or putting a fist into someones face, he has yet to show the tentative game we have seen from him previously. Prout’s offensive zone pinches have been stellar as well as his outlet passes, keep an eye on this pairing as they may receive more ice time if their steady play continues.

The Bad: Shot Suppression

Copy and paste. Blue Jackets need to be better defensively and not allow so many shots on net. Bob is saving their collective tails. If Bob has an average game this gets nowhere near overtime. All hail the Bob. The Bob is good and he shall be praised. Amen.

The Ugly: Advanced Stats Supporters

All of us nerds have been telling you that at some point this team was going to fold like a beach chair. This game was circled on the “I told you so” tweet calendar. The team probably saw my scheduled tweets and said “How about nah”. I still whole heartedly believe that the teams possession woes are going to come back and bite them but for now Jackets fans enjoy all the wins because the pain train is coming sooner rather then later.

Tweet of the Game:

When you run the site you can put whatever you want as the Tweet of the Game. So I chose my very own tweet. I RULE.

EDITED (4:00 AM): Don’t believe a word I say to you. I don’t know how to use WordPress now and can’t embed a tweet for some reason. I am sorry for my indiscretions.

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