SITE ANNOUNCEMENT: Changes to Monkey with a Halo

SITE ANNOUNCEMENT: Changes to Monkey with a Halo

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SITE ANNOUNCEMENT: Changes to Monkey with a Halo

Greetings, everyone. I’m here to let you know that Monkey with a Halo is changing. I’d call it an evolution, but then I’d have to rename the site Australopithecus with a Halo and that’s too hard to type all the time. Call it whatever you want, but the changes are not only coming, they are already here.


Fret not, I am not going anywhere. Or maybe fret if me staying around is not what you consider a positive. What I am doing is bringing more writers aboard, as you may have already noticed. Monkey with a Halo is merging with Halos Daily, so Nate Aderhold, Andrew Karcher, Jeff Mays, Justin Millar and Drew Mumford will now be members here. Also joining MWAH are Mike Hllywa and M.J. Lloyd, both formerly of Halo Hangout. I guess that technically makes the new site name Monkey with a Halo Hangout Daily. We will continue to add writers in the coming weeks and months as well.

Essentially, we are the Voltron of Angels blogs now. We will be uniting our sites to try and bring all the best quality Angels content to one location. That is a quest that will surely come with some bumps in the road as we get this partnership up and running, but I think it will ultimately prove best for all involved, including the readers.

All of the same MWAH content you are used to will still be here, there will just be more awesome content to come along with it. Hopefully that is change you can live with.

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