Erik Gudbranson Out

Erik Gudbranson Out

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Erik Gudbranson Out

News of a bad break came down this morning, as it was announced that defenseman Erik Gudbranson was sent back to Florida for evaluation.

George Richards reported that it could be a possible concussion. If so, that is no good.

However, coming on the heels of Willie Mitchell opening up about his own concussion issues this season, I am pleased to see that a potential concussion is being taken seriously. The Panthers have been really good about that over the last few months.

Losing Gudbranson at this point of the season is less than optimal, to say the least. He has looked good in his three games back from injury, and his presence is much welcome on the blueline. After being split up from Willie Mitchell, Gudbranson has turned in the second best CF% on the team behind Brian Campbell. In fact, he at one point turned in the lowest 20 game CA60 average of his career. We will want to see that come Game 1.

So, in the meantime, we wait. Hopefully it is nothing serious, and Gudbranson returns in time for the playoffs. If his brain is hurt though, he’s got to stay out. He may be needed, but he needs his brain more.

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