Eric Byrnes is Not a Fan of the New Slide Rule

Eric Byrnes is Not a Fan of the New Slide Rule

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Eric Byrnes is Not a Fan of the New Slide Rule

It was bound to happen, right? I just don’t think anyone thought it would happen two days into the regular season.

Tuesday, with the game on the line, Edwin Encarnacion hit a grounder to third that scored two and put his Toronto Blue Jays ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays 4-3. But, hold on…on his slide into second base to disrupt what should have been a game-ending double play, Jose Bautista interfered with the second baseman and, essentially, negating the play and cementing his team’s loss.

Confused? Here’s the play.

I know what you’re thinking…Joey Bats simply reached out and hooked Logan Forsythe’s foot…it isn’t like dude went all Chase Utley on his.

But…rules is rules.

“The rule’s put in to protect players. You saw what happened last year in the playoffs,” Rays manager Kevin Cash said. “You know what, it is what it is. We’re happy we won, but I can understand the frustration on the other side. We all deal with that a little bit in this game, and especially with the replay, what it’s brought out.”

One guy that wasn’t so pleased with the umpire’s decision (for some reason) is former big leaguer and current MLB Network analyst Eric Byrnes.

“Wussified”. Ugh.

It should come as no shock that Byrnes doesn’t approve of Rule 6.01(j). The onetime Oakland A’s outfielder cost his team a chance to advance to the ALCS back in 2003 after a boneheaded play at the plate against Jason Varitek.

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