The Playoffs are Over! Let’s Talk Hornets Basketball

The Playoffs are Over! Let’s Talk Hornets Basketball


The Playoffs are Over! Let’s Talk Hornets Basketball

I have to say that I discovered something about myself during the playoffs.  Typically I do not write anything about the NBA once my team is out of it.  I wait for the playoffs to end, and then I pick back up discussing our “Men of Teal”.  Well, this year was no different, except for 1 thing.  I actually caught myself getting worked up about how the playoffs were going.  I was upset that Draymond Green was suspended and I blamed the NBA for wanting the series to go 7 games.  Fact of the matter is that LeBron James, no matter how much it pains me to say it, took care of business in these playoffs, and no matter how much I don’t like the guy, He willed those Cavs to a championship.  I tip my hat to you guys and your victory.  It means a lot to see a small-market team win a championship, and it instills hope that for the Hornets; our day will come.

So, I want to talk about Hornets Basketball.  Don’t you guys?  Believe me, the time from when the Hornets aren’t playing until the NBA Draft drives me crazy.  It doesn’t drive me nearly as crazy as those long summer months after the Summer League ends and there’s just no Hornets news that I can dig into.  So what’s on my mind today?  I’m thinking that we need to come to terms with a few things in regards to the team.  Here’s the first thought:

Jeremy Lin is most likely gone.   We need to face that reality.  I was screaming for us to sign him last summer.  I just knew that he was what our team needed to bolster the PG position.  I knew that his time on the team would have to be shared with Kemba Walker.  I also knew that he would bring countless fans into the Hornets culture like nothing we had ever seen.  Most importantly, I believe that Lin brought the team together on a much deeper and personal level.   He brought a brotherhood amongst every member of the team and his belief in Jesus Christ really uplifted everyone on the team.  From the outside looking in, he appeared to take charge of the team with bible studies and many of his actions brought forth a positive within the team like nothing we have seen since the Bobcats/Hornets arrived in Charlotte.  As the season wore on, so did many of the existing fans patience with a select few Lin fans that believed that he could do no wrong.  By the end of the season, a battered and bruised Lin faded away with the rest of the team in the final, game 7, of the first round of the playoffs.  Do I want Jeremy Lin back?  Yes!  Do I think we will have him back?  Probably not.  Any NBA player wants the chance to be their absolute best.  They want to be a starter in the NBA.  If the fit is right and the skill is there, it is possible.  With Jeremy Lin, I know that he was truly happy in Charlotte.  I do believe that he could be his happiest if he were to remain in Charlotte.  I believe he could be 6th man of the year, if he were to stay here.  The sad reality of the NBA, however, is that this is a business.  Happiness doesn’t pay bills.  We all knew that he would opt out of his contract here in Charlotte.  We all hoped it was so that he could get a bigger one to stay here in Charlotte.  Even with the increasing salary cap, I don’t think his happiness will convince him to stay with the Hornets just because it’s a great fit for him.  All I can say is that if he doesn’t stay, I was right about Lin last summer and he was a great pickup for us.  I wish he could have stayed longer.  I wish we could have had more even minutes for him and Kemba instead of Kemba carrying the bulk of the minutes and Lin having time at SG, not his natural position.   If Jeremy Lin leaves, I can simply say that I caught a little of the Linsanity and I now understand that Jeremy Lin, the man, is much deeper than a nickname that was slapped on him during some red hot basketball playing.  He will always be a “Favorite NBA Player” of mine, along with Bismack Biyombo.  They are special beyond their basketball talent, and I wish them nothing but success in whatever paths they choose.

Now, the key to boosting a website is to publish lots of articles.  That’s something that I don’t do because I can get wordy and put all of my thoughts into 1 article.  Instead, I’m going to stop today with my thoughts about Jeremy Lin, and promise you guys something else tomorrow.  I’m even going to be specific about tomorrow.  I’m going to touch on what players will be returning to the Hornets, barring a trade of some sort, and then I will head into the draft prospects.  If anyone wants to comment on this article about suggestions as to who we should draft, please do.. I’ll incorporate it into tomorrow’s article.

Until then…


Let’s Go Hornets!





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