We are the Howlin' T-Wolf

We are the Howlin' T-Wolf


We are the Howlin' T-Wolf


Dear T-Wolves fans,

I am experiencing a lot of mixed emotions right now. I feel humbled. I feel honored. I feel nervous! I feel scared. I feel excited. I feel happy!

As of today, I will be transitioning to my new role as the owner of the Howlin T-Wolf.

I want to thank Jonah for this special opportunity. If you don’t know Jonah, he is a man of character who adopted this baby and nurtured it with his unconditional love. He will be here to see her grow up. Right now and in the future.

I also want to thank our team for their outstanding coverage last season. As a fan, I am amazed with their talents. I feel blessed to be inheriting a group of up and coming professionals. To my editors, my writers and my podcasters, I wish you all continued success. I am here for you.

From its inception, the Howlin T-Wolf has been a blog that’s catering to you: The T-Wolves community. Moving forward, the HTW will remain the same. We will continue our T-Wolves coverage with bias.

We also love our community. We love the institutions that shape our community, so we will continue our outreach. To the many organizations in the Twin cities, the Minnesota Timberwolves, the T-Wolves blogosphere, the local media and the national media, we will be in touch.

We love the T-Wolves. Just like you. We love you, so we will talk to you more. We will ask you more questions. We will ask you for your opinions. We will give you a safe space to express yourself. Expect our responses.

We know you express your fandom in different ways. We have different talents. You could be a rapper, a spoken word artist, a graphic designer. You could be a programmer, a YouTuber, a social media ninja, an artist, an entrepreneur, or both. You could be anything and everything. That’s what I like about you. You are unique.

You have different personalities as well. You could be an introvert, an extrovert, or an ambivert. Regardless of who you are, regardless of how you choose to express yourself, we will not discriminate. We will include you in our space, so come on in. We will not silence you.

Before we get to know you, let me introduce myself. I am an introverted extrovert. I am shy and readily nervous around new people, but I am a loyal friend and a wanna-be comedian who wants you to be happy. I also want you to be successful in school and in life. We will do everything in the future to make that happen. Stay tuned.

I, like you, root for the Wolves at home. Like you, we go to events and games. Like you, we ride-or-die with our Wolves.

So like you, we are Wolves fans until the end. We are the Howlin’ T-Wolf.

But that’s not all. The HTW is the training ground for you to learn new skills. Our site is also a safe space for you to practice your current skills, so you could build your T-wolves network.

To put it simply, we at the HTW are breaking down the barriers of entry into sports. We are sharing our platform with you. Whatever skills you have, I want you to know that we will accept you with open arms.

We accept you for who you are, and we embrace it.

I also want you to know that we will give you every opportunity to cover the Timberwolves on a professional level. Regardless of your confidence level in your skills, you are more than welcome to grow your talents here.

So join the Howlin’ T-Wolf today. Together, we will nurture your passions.

We want to see you reach your goals. We will do everything we can to help you succeed.

Especially me. I know how hard it is to enter sports. I know, I tried, and I failed. I am motivated by my failures to help you succeed.

–David Ka Wai Pan, T-Wolves fan from the San Francisco Bay Area

P.S: If you want to talk to me, shoot me an email. At davidpan@bloguin.com. I’ll respond within 24 hours. Or within 24 minutes. One of the two.

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