Your First Look at David Denson on the Record

Your First Look at David Denson on the Record

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Your First Look at David Denson on the Record

As a first look into David Denson’s life, “On the Record” explores what it means to be a hero. Tackling the sports world isn’t the only thing he’s needed to overcome.

david denson

In the face of tragedy, we explore what truly brought Denson to the game of baseball and what possibly saved his life. In the midst of doubting voices and self criticism, Denson has found his inner voice that has allowed him to rise above.

Let’s find out how he did it.



Augusto Barranco is a conceptual illustrator and designer who has been working in the entertainment industry for almost a decade.  He graduated college  from the prestigious Art Center College of Design with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. He then jumped into the film industry as a concept artist working for many studios including Sony, Dreamworks, ILM, Paramount, NBC, Warner Bros, Imagi, Rhythm and Hues, Titmouse Animation and now finally Hasbro Studios where he’s currently involved with the ever evolving Transformers franchise.

You can follow Augusto on Twitter at @Augusto_Art_Dir.


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