Jake Long, the former number one overall pick, could soon be set to retire after refusing to sign injury waiver form for the Ravens. Former Dolphin tackle could soon retire | The Sports Daily

Former Dolphin tackle could soon retire

Former Dolphin tackle could soon retire


Former Dolphin tackle could soon retire

Sometimes it’s a snap, twist, and a grunt. The sound that former Dolphins tackle Jake Long made prior to week one back in 2012 during practice indoors. 

The now former Dolphin has seen stints in St. Louis, Atlanta, and now in Baltimore where the last stop is left to the football gods. According to multiple reports, but the most telling to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Long would not sign an injury waiver. In plain English, the Ravens cannot insure nor insure that Long’s knee is ready for football action. 

Earlier Friday, that moment may have come to fruition. Jake Long, the best of a left tackle, a mauler, and gentle giant off the field could’ve seen his last action as a football player. 

The Ravens, were the last stop. The Dolphins back in 2013, were the only team willing to sign him only for the Rams to pay him better and place him back in the Midwest. 

After the 2012 season, the Dolphins came to an impasse with Long and while his heart was in Miami, his knee and his future earnings was in St. Louis. 

There comes a point where the best can be saved for last, but for Jake Long it’s time to ride off into the sunset, enjoy being a proud father, and maybe coach young men to being the most intense players they can be. 


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