That's right, you heard it here folks! Ologosphere blogger Zach Laing will now be taking his talents to The Oilers Rig. Wait, who is Zach Laing? The Oilers Rig Hires Zach Laing | The Sports Daily | Page 796221

The Oilers Rig Hires Zach Laing

The Oilers Rig Hires Zach Laing


The Oilers Rig Hires Zach Laing

I am super happy to announce that I have been hired by the Oilers Rig, and will begin writing here effective immediately. After reaching out to twitter over the last few days looking for more writing opportunities, Megan graciously reached out to me offering me a position.

Who is me?

In an attempt to take over the Oilers blogosphere, this is now the sixth Oilers website I’ve been a part of in the four years I’ve been writing about the Edmonton Oilers. It all started four years ago when I began writing for Jeanshorts and Baggedmilk Revolution, which gave me my jump start. I wrote on my own website for a while, and was eventually picked up by Copper and Blue, and later other websites Oil on Whyte, Beer League Heroes, and most recently, OilersNation.

When I graduated high school three years ago, I had been in a position where I was unsure of what career I wanted to follow. After finding my passion for sports, mainly hockey, I realized that I could actually get paid to watch hockey for the rest of my life. Cool, hey?

Interestingly enough, I never actually played the game as growing up, football was my sport of choice. That never strayed me away from falling in love with the team during the 2005 – 2006 season when my Dad finally let 10 year old me stay up to watch the Oilers games. Since then, I’ve been an avid fan.

Being a Calgarian, I deal with quite the treatment from locals, but that has never had an impact on my love of the team.

As for my background, I graduated from SAIT Polytechnic (Calgary, AB) this spring with a diploma in Journalism, which led me to working for Postmedia in Banff for the Bow Valley Crag and Canyon all summer. I am now still freelancing for them, as well as working color commentary for the Canmore Eagles in the AJHL. Now, I’m back at SAIT and enrolled in their Radio Broadcasting program.

Come find me on twitter, and say hi! I’ll also be in Edmonton for the OilersNation season opener on Oct. 14th, and I’d love to meet some of the Rig readers there.

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