Donald Trump takes aim at NFL’s concussion protocol

Donald Trump takes aim at NFL’s concussion protocol

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Donald Trump takes aim at NFL’s concussion protocol

The NFL has taken a more measured approach to injuries in recent years due to the long-term ramifications of concussions.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump brought up the league’s rules in jest Wednesday after a woman in a Florida crowd fainted.

CNN’s Ashley Killough captured what Trump had to say:

It’s odd enough Trump was providing live commentary on someone fainting in front of a crowd, though the inclusion of the NFL seems random.

To the league’s credit, it helped create stricter rules this offseason and reprecussions for teams seeming to violate the protocol. Twitter reacted about as expected:

While made in jest, Trump’s comment opened up a rather big discussion about social media and it will be interesting to see how the league reacts, if at all. It has been trying to improve the situation for players and its reputation at the same time, so a presidential candidate joking about it in front of the country isn’t great.

Regardless, the league isn’t going to go back on its rules to protect the players.

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