An update on Brooklyn Balling's 2016-17 Nets coverage

An update on Brooklyn Balling's 2016-17 Nets coverage


An update on Brooklyn Balling's 2016-17 Nets coverage

As I’m sure you could tell, the look of Brooklyn Balling has changed a bit since I last posted. That was in May, a few weeks after Nets’ dismal 2015-16 season concluded.

I needed to take a little break from the site toward the end of the school year and over the summer. Now, with the regular season less than a week away as the preseason winds down, it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

Bloguin, now The Sports Daily, has entered into a partnership with Boston regional sports network NESN, which is why the site’s layout is much different than it used to be. With that change, I also decided it would be a good idea to change up how I plan to cover the Nets going forward on the site.

In the past, I focused almost too much of my efforts covering the team on a game-by-game basis. By emphasizing previews and recaps so much, I think I neglected analysis pieces and more involved features that, when I was able to do, provided a much fuller view of the team.

This season, I’ll still have previews and recaps from time to time — likely in a more informal structure — but will try to have more feature-type stories that I feel are more desired by you, the readers.

Also, as for the site’s archives, they’re still on here, the new page. But, older links to the domain name won’t work as they used to, so just scroll the on-site archives if you want to read anything from the past couple of years.

As always, if you have any comments/questions/concerns, tweet at me (@Josh_Burton1 or @BrooklynBalling) or email me (; I love hearing from you guys. Go Nets!

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