Things To Do In Denver

Things To Do In Denver


Things To Do In Denver

So Zevon was once again passed over for the Rock Hall, but Kraftwerk got nominated.  Anyway, I did say last week that I might need to look at this team a little differently if they beat Atlanta.  I actually re-watched the game on NFL Network’s “Replay”Version.  It didn’t have much of the bonus Bolt footage it used to, but was fun nonetheless.img_8426

I don’t think I’ve watched a Charger game (or that we’ve even been featured) on NFL Replay since the 2014 game at San Francisco.  I haven’t changed my opinion on McCoy, but was happy to see the team win in spite of him.  He didn’t make any bad decisions in Atlanta, although I would suggest that the reason guys like Griff Whalen keep making stupid decisions on special teams is because they have no fear of consequences from the coach.  I don’t know the specific reason that guys don’t succeed McCoy, but it doesn’t matter.  By his own admission, guys do stupid shit on his watch.

But Whalen did have a nice catch and run later in the game.  Fuck, even Farrow some nice carries.  I haven’t seen an unexpected contribution like that since Curtis Brinkley on Halloween night.

Here’s a nice Shakedown, if you can’t get past Jerry’s creaky vocals…

I haven’t figured out how to upload audio on the new platform, obviously.  It’s Rochester 4/16/84, for those that care.

Even though I saw no way this team could win in Atlanta, I quickly found myself getting that nervous feeling like I actually gave a shit what they did.  I tried to remind myself that it was just nice that they were playing like it mattered when I figured this season was over as soon as Allen went down.  I stared into a blurry spot in the screen when Atlanta tried that kick.  I turned off the sound and went into my “defeat formation” as the game went on.  I went out in the hallway between the TV in my panic room and the one in the bedroom when #LaughingLambo lined up for what was the winning kick.  As soon as I heard it was good, I triumphantly joined Sam downstairs.

Here’s some solo Pete Townshend covering Modern English.


That song always reminds me of Kingpin, as did this guy.  It was good to see some Boltheads on TV.  Gotta give the kid in the bottom right some credit.  The Bolt Pride guys were in full force as well.  I give Gordon credit for holding onto the ball after taking some serious hits.  I liked the 3rd and 1 call late in the game where he went over the top.  Holy shit, listen to me getting all positive.  Here’s some solo Rich Robinson.

You look at who is playing, and it seems like there aren’t enough playmakers.  I would be writing that it seemed like Brown came back to earth, but then the team revealed that his father passed away before the game.  I joked that Perryman knocked out two of his own guys until he made that huge pick.  I Tweeted out that Ryan can be had for an interception early in the second half, but I never thought we’d actually take advantage.  I wrote a few weeks back that Bosa looks like the most dominant defender we’ve had since the ’05-’06 Merriman.  The play where he chased Ryan down to catch him by the ankles was very reminiscent of the sack Merriman had on the goal line in Indy his rookie year.

My buddy Mike was texting me about how Gordon bailed out a bad play call on that crucial third down.  He bounced off the tackler and got a huge gain to set up the tying field goal.  But that’s my issue with so many of the running plays.  EVERYBODY KNOWS WHAT’S COMING.  It makes it so much harder on Gordon.  I heard Shaun O’Hara talking about his old team on Sirius today.  He was saying that the Giants tip their hand with their formations.  By putting the running back to the side of the quarterback, they really limit where he can cut.  It’s not like New England, he said, where they use multiple tight ends and shit.  I liked the trick play to Benjamin and I did think there were a few plays with Watt in the backfield that ended up being play action passes.  But Wiz can’t be allowing Gordon to get ambushed by telegraphing the play in Denver.

But hey, you’ve got to forgive the kickers for that Oakland shit show.  They came up big on Sunday.  I’ll be coming back from Albany before kickoff for the game.  I’m getting together with some of the old crew for the Gov’t Mule Halloween show.  But I must admit that I’m getting pretty fired up just writing this.  I know I have no real business expecting a third win in a row, but this team seems to understand that they’ve dug quite a hole for themselves.  Is this going to be another 2005 or 2010 where as soon as it seems that they are out of the woods they fall apart?

We are going to fight. We are going to be hurt. And in the end we will stand.  That’s a line from The Dark Tower.  You can check out a leaked version of the trailer for the upcoming film here.

I know I’m all over the place, but I’m fighting off a sinus infection.  Let’s see if this team can fuck a little more shit up on Sunday.



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