Bearcats BlogCast: Episode 61 - Kieling It

Bearcats BlogCast: Episode 61 - Kieling It

Cincinnati Bearcats

Bearcats BlogCast: Episode 61 - Kieling It

Welcome to this slightly delayed Bearcats BlogCast. This week I was joined by Matt Opper to discuss all things Cincinnati Bearcat related. This week’s show runs 1:17 minutes. Former editions of the Bearcats BlogCast can be found on iTunes, Stitcher and anywhere else podcasts are found. Please share with your friends and family. They will love you for it. I will love you for it. Yes, this part is at the beginning this week, brace for the insanity.

This week’s show starts off with plenty of talk about the East Carolina victory. We hit up Gunner Kiel the most, because obviously. We also give plenty of words to Kahlil Lewis, Devin Gray, Mike Boone, Tion Green and some of the defensive stars, too numerous to name.

From there, we preview the Bearcats trip to Temple. This is a pretty big game for both teams, especially if the Bearcats want to have a small shot to win the division. We offer our overall assessment of the game, which is fair and not just spewing optimism.

After running through the AAC, we close with basketball talk. Cincinnati was picked to win the AAC, had Troy Caupain pick as (co) Player of the Year and Caupain and Clark as first team All-AAC. We tie that in with the Ken Pom rankings that came out this week and have a very fun talk, which of course ends on a downer note because for some reasons that’s how our podcasts end.

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