Unfortunate Timing For A Deserving Broken Star

Unfortunate Timing For A Deserving Broken Star


Unfortunate Timing For A Deserving Broken Star

Even when he’s Broken the guy just can’t get a break!

Those of you who have only followed WWE know Matt Hardy as one part of Team Xtreme – The Hardy Boyz with his brother, Jeff. The two were part of some of the most memorable tag team matches from the Attitude Era, and maybe even WWE history.

The TLC matches with The Dudley Boys and Edge & Christian are still recognizedth0frdtacc as some of the most exciting matches in history. We now have a pay-per-view based on the TLC match, all because of the efforts of those six men.

As their career progressed, it was pretty clear to see that Matt was considered to be the “other” Hardy. The WWE Universe clung to Jeff has he rose to the top of the roster winning both the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships.

Matt would follow suit with a championship of his own…the ECW jeff-hardy-vs-matt-hardy1championship…so, you know, good for him!

The two would then make their way to TNA where Jeff would hold championships during unarguably the highest point in TNA’s history. With a roster that included Kurt Angle, Sting, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Booker T among others, Jeff would hold the title has TNA was so close to creating legit competition for WWE.

And Matt…well Matt was there too.

As time went on, TNA, or Impact Wrestling now I guess, would see their show and their ratings falling down a steep hill. Not much was going on creatively and the show would be clinging on the WWE throwaways such as Drew Galloway, EC3 and Tyrus. With this lack of star power, the show lost its spot on Spike TV would bounce from channel to channel before finding a home recently on Pop TV which, apparently, is a thing.

The Hardy’s remained loyal though and would try to create a buzz with a rivalry the-hardys-tnabetween the two. Yes, the Jeff vs Matt story is one that we have seen before…

…but not quite like this!

After seemingly spending his career in the shadow of his brother, Matt has finally found the character to help break him out and make him a well-known star. Failed attempt after failed attempt to take Jeff down led to the creation of the biggest thing to hit Impact Wrestling since they were on a recognizable channel – Broken Matt Hardy.

The development of the Broken character hit the start of its brilliance with The Final Deletion – which is funny since The Final Deletion build up started in such a horrible way! Jeff made his way to the Hardy Compound to sign for the match. The piece looked like it was produced by a high school AV club. After seeing it, wrestling fans around the world brushed it off as just another horrible piece of TNA production.

What became of it was a match that WWE even tried to recreate. The wrestling world was buzzing over what became of The Final Deletion.

Fans everywhere have since latched on to Broken Matt and all of the amazing characters that have come along with it-including Jeff, now known as Brother Nero, who has been a bit of a sidekick to the now more popular Matt. Broken Matt has garnered so much attention that, if you listen carefully, you can hear Broken Matt’s trademark “DELETE” catchphrase ringing through the crowd at WWE events.

Matt Hardy is finally one of the most popular and talked about characters in wrestling today…aaaaaaaand now it’s gone!

Well, almost.

It’s no secret that Impact Wrestling has been swimming against the tide for quite hardyssome time now. In the past few weeks, its seems like we couldn’t go 24 consecutive hours without hearing about a new lawsuit being filed against Impact’s owner Dixie Carter. TV tapings have been scheduled and then, basically, deleted (pun completely intended). It seems like it is only a matter of time that Impact Wrestling will be closing its doors for good.

You can’t help but feel a little bad for Matt.

He finally gets the break he has been waiting for (again, completely intended pun). Matt has been one of the hardest workers in the business for years and he finally gets his chance to shine. And when he finally does, the company that gave him that chance is shutting down. That just seems to be his luck.

It’s really hard to say if Broken Matt could have been enough to bring Impact back to relevance with better management. OK, that was being nice; Impact really has no chance at this point. But if they did, Broken Matt would be the key that they needed.

If Impact does close its doors in the near future, the question would be who would get offers from WWE. WWE obviously knows the Hardy’s track record and would probably try to get both back on their roster.

The question would be whether Vince would want to bring the Broken character along with Matt.

It’s no secret that Vince is not a big fan of using characters that he didn’t create, but this one may be to big to ignore. Broken Matt Hardy has become a star under the Impact Wrestling roof. Imagine how big he could be with the global wrestling juggernaut behind it!

Hopefully we won’t have to wait all that long to find out!


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