David Hein: My World Series Journey From Germany To Chicago (Game 6)

David Hein: My World Series Journey From Germany To Chicago (Game 6)

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David Hein: My World Series Journey From Germany To Chicago (Game 6)

David Hein is an international basketball and sports writer/reporter based in Regensburg, Germany, and a featured columnist with FIBA basketball (among other outlets) and owns/operates heinnews. An Illinois native and die-hard Chicago Cubs fan, David will be chronicling his 7,000 mile journey from Germany to the World Series, one game at a time. Connect with David Hein on Twitter

Living room in St. Charles, early morning November 2 – Waking up this morning it was clear that yesterday’s Cubs’ win in Game 6 actually happened and wasn’t just a dream and we will have a Game 7. It all comes down to Kyle Hendricks vs Corey Kluber.

Game 6 was exactly what nervous Cubs fans – like my family here in suburban Chicago – needed: a big early lead and piling on.It all started with two outs in the first with Kris Bryant crushing a home run. After two singles, something happened which rarely occurs in MLB baseball – a routine pop-up fell between the right and centerfielder, resulting in two more runs. Jake Arrieta had some good stuff and then Addison Russell launched a grand slam in the third for a 7-0 lead. That made everything a whole lot easier watching the rest of the game.

The one concern some fans had was manager Joe Maddon bringing in closer Aroldis Chapman with two outs in the seventh. Maddon was looking at the highest leverage situation and brought in the flame thrower. Apparently, he wanted Chapman to finish the game until Anthony Rizzo’s two-run home run in the top of the ninth. And then Chapman had to come back out for the first batter of the ninth because the Tilted Hat man Pedro Strop wasn’t warmed up yet. Clealy, Maddon didn’t fully trust the rest of his bullpen with a five-run lead. Now the question is how much Chapman can pitch in Game 7 – though he did only throw 20 pitches.

For those wondering, yes, I was coloring from a pattern book again during Game 6 and I will find another pattern to color tonight.

So, all of Chicago fans wait for the big game tonight.

The Cubs Twitter account even posted a “Super official excuse note for Everyone” on its account to help Cubs fans get out of “class/work/other responsibility” for November 2.
Game 6 day started by watching some Chicago news on which they showed some of the great Cubs Halloween costumes including Addison Russell as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and John Lackey’s kids going as Little Bo Peep, her sheep and … Kris Bryant. Too funny.

The news also showed a house in the Chicago area with a fire-breathing dragon outside the door – as in real fire! There was also a video of a crocodile jumping into a pool with two people in it in South Africa and what many people believe was a meteor flying over skies in Japan – or was it an alien fly-by?

And then there was the Australian fake commercial for the Goon Suit – YouTube it for a laugh!

I also continued the family portion of my trip, visiting my cousin and once again reaffirming my commitment that I will be changing something work wise when I get back home to Germany.

Driving around the area was very relaxing (and thought-provoking) while listening to Coffee House radio station on Sirius.

For those of you who have enjoyed my non-baseball notes in the chronicle of the trip, here are a few more notes.

According to my early teenaged nieces, one popular comeback in every day usage is “Get wrecked … shots fired!” The other individual will certainly get “roasted” if you say that.
I also heard a very humorous term regarding boys and girls getting too close at a church camp. Girls are red and boys are blue, and there should be no “purpling”. Very cool term.
We have been having some fantastic weather here – it was 71 degrees and sunny (almost too warm) and I was in shorts and a T-shirt yesterday.

Today has started and the news showed some pretty humorous videos of parents recording their children as they are told that the parents ate all their Halloween candy. Let’s just say some of the kids’ responses were absolutely fantastic. Lots of crying and screaming.
Speaking of screaming, I really feel like screaming with all of these political ads running on television. There are so many of them and they are all so negative. I really feel sorry for people in this country having to watch this all the time.

One more game! It’s been a great ride already and tonight will be fun!

Go Cubs! Go get this done!

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