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Ryan Bader Scouting Report

Ryan Bader Scouting Report

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Ryan Bader Scouting Report

Ryan Bader Scouting Report

Ryan Bader Scouting Report


6’2″ 205 lbs (Light Heavyweight)
74″ reach, Orthodox
June 7, 1983


22-5 (UFC: 15-5)

Current Streak

2 straight wins


Two-time NCAA D1 All-American in wrestling
Purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Championships Held

The Ultimate Fighter 8 champion



– high level wrestler
very physically strong
knockout power in his hands
able to pick up and slam opponents
extremely good at passing guard on the ground
strong ground and pound
one of the best at avoiding strikes in UFC history
good at landing kicks
aggressive fighter
– solid ground and pound



– not a very complete fighter (wrestling & power is pretty much it)
very inaccurate striker
surprisingly poor success rate for takedowns & takedown defense
– susceptible to submissions
doesn’t always rely on his wrestling enough – looks for KOs
– questionable chin



Ryan Bader was on a rocket to the top of the light heavyweight division before Jon Jones stopped him cold.  Does he still have what it takes to be a top dog in the weight class?



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