Saints Nation Guru Week 11 @ Panthers

Saints Nation Guru Week 11 @ Panthers


Saints Nation Guru Week 11 @ Panthers

Let us quickly forget that debacle. Thomas and Brees had a horrible game and Denver still needed a botched reffed game to come away with the W. So I call that a mental win. I hope to see what I predicted, Thomas with 3 TD catches. Angry Thomas were he had 2 fumbles and 1 INT go off his hands. Let’s just smoke the Panthers.

Here ar the answers to last weeks questions; The offense had 3 Touchdowns, there. Cadet did not drop a pass, the defense allowed 2 Touchdowns and YES Vaccaro had an INT. Damn we will miss this guy when he gets his suspension. For the Tie-Breaker Drew Brees had 303 passing yards.

A grand total of 6 people had 2 answers correct. By Tie-breaker the winner is… ME 🙂 I had 303 passing yards. Finally I get a guru win after none last year if I remember correctly.
The Falcons cup goes by tie breaker to Own the Falcons who was off 27 yards which was the most and is now in the lead for the season.

The Leaderboards look like this:

The Guru:
ElImanov – 2
jdup22 – 1
ultimatenyg – 1
painstakingly – 1
SaintsNation – 1
Own The Falcons – 1
mateusjf – 1
Monedula_ – 1

The Falcons cup:
Own The Falcons – 3
ElImanov – 2
Monedula_ – 1
mateusjf – 1
Eliza18s – 1
CharlieB721 – 1

Short week, short post, same kind of questions, though the names of  players changed a bit:

  1. How many touchdowns does the offense score?
  2. Will Thomas turn the ball over again (Fumbling or touching the ball on an INT)?
  3. How many Touchdowns will the Defense allow?
  4. Will Sterling Moore be part of a turnover? (Either: Tip a ball that leads to an INT, get an INT, force a Fumble, recover a Fumble)?
  5. How many passing yards will Drew Brees have?

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