Rumblin',Stumblin',Bumblin: OSU Offense Smokin' Hot, Down Goes #2 #3 and #4

Rumblin',Stumblin',Bumblin: OSU Offense Smokin' Hot, Down Goes #2 #3 and #4

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Rumblin',Stumblin',Bumblin: OSU Offense Smokin' Hot, Down Goes #2 #3 and #4

If you have ever rolled the dice in a casino at a craps table you know when you get on a good roll it is eventually going to come to an end. In most cases your night gets destroyed by snake eyes and then you can’t get back on track. Saturday night was a lot like that watching college football. Things were going along wonderfully with Clemson and Washington falling and then snake eyes, TTUN lost and the path to the CFP changed drastically. As fate would have it, the Buckeyes still have a pretty good chance at making it. Let’s get rolling with this weeks smokin’ hot very good.

Rumblin' Stumblin'


Just a few short weeks ago, most of Buckeye Nation was lined up across the Lane Avenue bridge ready to jump to their demise. Even though the damn removal project has removed a lot of the opportunity for them to have hit water some would have been happy with the pain of broken legs.

Fast forward to back-to-back 62-3 conference wins against a top ten opponent and a middle of the pack team and you might be scratching your head. Most fans were blaming the play calling and I was sticking my ground and blaming execution. It appears that the execution has picked up a notch or two lately because it really seems like they are running a lot of what got them in trouble with Penn State.

The pace that they are playing at has not changed and the touches of their stars haven’t increased much. You also have to believe that the receivers did not just all of a sudden start working right, right? That really is the case lately in the execution department. The Buckeyes have a few stars when it comes to blocking on the edge in Parris Campbell and Marcus Baugh.

The offense is playing at it’s best right now but is in for a pretty good challenge on the road this week because you know Sparty will bring their A-game. What has been remarkable to me the past two weeks is how well they have taken care of business after struggling against PSU. There really isn’t anything they cannot do right now.

Let’s see what the staff has to say about the Rumblin’

Scott – The Buckeye Express keeps a rollin’. When it’s clicking this there isn’t a defense that can stop it. Hear me Saban?

Ryan – The offense is red hot (cue fire emoji).  The defense has given up 2 field goals in the last 2 games.

Jeremy – The OSU offense has peaked at the right time. The utter destruction’s of defenses in November won’t go unnoticed by the CFP committee

Brad – I will agree the offense has been Far improved the last 2 weeks. But the Defense has been the Catalyst of this Run literally destroying anything in it’s path.


Hello darkness my old friend . . ,  being sang by the fan bases of the former 2, 3 and 4 ranked teams in last weeks CFP committee rankings. With the exception of Clemson, the other two haven’t tasted this kind of success since maybe the last time TTUN and Washington actually played each other in the eighties.

College football is so great because anything can happen on any given Saturday but none of the three really should have lost. Fortunately for them, the pollsters and probably the CFP committee will only see the losses as a stumble because they won’t slip very far and still have a pretty good chance at making it.

One thing is for sure, Washington needs the most help because if they win the PAC12 title game it may not be enough. Clemson will need to win out and hope for someone above them to lose in the final weeks or pray that the CFP committee won’t put in an Ohio State team that may not be playing for their conference title that weekend.

Another thing that is for sure, it will all work out in the end and if your favorite and mine are in it, thank those former 2,3, and 4 ranked teams will you?

Let’s see what the staff has to say about the Stumblin’

Scott – TTUN. No way that game should have been that close. Of course I’ve been saying all season that the Harbaughs are overrated.

Ryan – No stumbling.  I refuse to acknowledge that this team stumbled or will stumble anywhere.  

Jeremy – Looking at the weather for East Lansing on Saturday and seeing the rain and high winds (20-25 mph) could certainly provide a stumbling moment for this offense.

Brad – The College Football playoff Committee. Down goes Clemson. Down goes Washington. Down goes TTUN.  Also the Emotional Well being of Buckeye Nation Sit back relax and enjoy the ride there isn’t anything we can do about the Chaos.


I honestly struggled with what to write here this week because there was so much to cover. I have decided that I will touch on two topics but I will be quick about it.

First and foremost, the college officiating world is at it’s worst right now and there doesn’t appear to be an easy fix. The NCAA cannot just fire all of them and start over. They will have to bide their time in letting younger ones develop but there in lies the problem. They will be learning from the ones that are playing too much of a role in teams winning or losing games.

Second for this week is the debacle that has become an injury to yet another TTUN quarterback and the head coach won’t say whats true about the injury. I understand Harbaugh wanting to protect the information of Speight and maybe create a need for Ohio State to have to prepare for two quarterbacks. I get it, game planning at it’s finest! Trouble is, the report came from a reliable source and Harbaugh’s actions just make him look stupid.

Let’s see what the staff has to say about the Bumblin’

Scott – The B1G official who threw the flag on the Michigan player for face-masking. That’s a keep the flag in the pocket play.

Ryan – #2, #3 and #4 all losing.  Anything can happen on any given Saturday.  

Jeremy – All those maize n blue Harbaugh worshipers after the Savior of football got exposed Saturday night. Their lack of a run game didn’t go unnoticed. And what will Speight or O’Korn do against BIA.

Brad – Our Rival from Rhythmic Gymnastic Iowa Punters. To losing on a Walk-off Field Goal. To losing their Starting QB (honestly I hate to see that happen to any player).  As Gordon Lightfoot said beware of the Gales November Remember. Also I’m going out a limb now James Franklin & Penn State should be cautious of Piscataway in the Moonlight.

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