Are You Not Entertained? Michigan State

Are You Not Entertained? Michigan State

zz The Buckeye Battlecry

Are You Not Entertained? Michigan State

Well folks, that wasn’t pretty. The one-point win against Sparty was not a thing of beauty but it didn’t need to be.

All OSU needed was a win. I’m sure as we go over what we all wanted to see, we will be disappointed. So let’s just jump right into it. Gonna be short and sweet because it’s Xichigan week.


A nice, convincing win: Hardly.

No false starts: Had one. Come on guys.

Shutout: Nada.

No injuries: I think we were OK there.


Send a message: The message is that Michigan State gives the Buckeyes fits.

Silver Bullets win championships: The defense saved the game. Time and time again.

Chris D.

Beat them bad: It was a bad win. But it was bad meaning bad, not bad meaning good. Thanks to Run DMC for the lyrical suggestion.


Leave no doubt: There’s not a doubt the Buckeyes are still one of the four best. But until Gareon Conley picked off the pass in the final minutes, I had mine.

Attack: The defense did attack. But it got gouged early, something that doesn’t happen often. Need to tighten that up.


Pound Sparty into the ground: There was no pounding into the ground. The defense did a pretty good job after spotting Sparty 10 points early. Held the anemic MSU offense to nothing for two and a half quarters.

Jeremy’s Beard

Overcoming the storm: The weather didn’t help J.T. Barrett, that’s for sure. Some of his passes were off.

Operation, utter destruction: Still in the surgery holding room here. No operation yet.

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