Mike McCarthy says Packers' 'ass against the wall'

Mike McCarthy says Packers' 'ass against the wall'

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Mike McCarthy says Packers' 'ass against the wall'

Every Packers’ loss these days seems to fill up reporters’ notebooks with juicy stuff.

The Packers dropped their fourth straight game Sunday night, falling 42-24 at Washington. Mike McCarthy put the Packers’ plight in plain language.

“Six losses puts your ass against the wall,” the Packers head coach told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel via NFL.com.

What McCarthy is saying is that the Packers might have to win all six of their remaining games to make the playoffs.

Even that might not be enough. A 10-6 record usually puts a team in good shape for a playoff berth, but it’s not a guarantee. The Packers might be able to lose one more game, but a 9-7 record is dicey.

The Packers go to Philadelphia for a Monday Night Football game in Week 12. Then they host the Texans and Seahawks. Their last three games all are against NFC North opponents. They go to Chicago, host Minnesota and finish the season at Detroit.

Those last three games could be interesting if the Packers don’t completely collapse by then, but MakeNFLPlayoffs.com gives the Packers a 10.8 percent chance of making the playoffs.

The Packers haven’t missed the playoffs since 2008. With that aforementioned body part up against the wall, the Packers’ next loss could be a kick to another body part.

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