BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Save 40% on Accuscore Membership

BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Save 40% on Accuscore Membership


BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Save 40% on Accuscore Membership

Ever wonder what is going to happen in that big game against your favorite team’s rival? Welcome to Accuscore, one of the most accurate sports analytics companies out there.

Whether you are looking to find out how your favorite MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL or soccer team may due in its next game, Accuscore has your predictive models covered. So, if you want to know what’s happening with your favorite team, Accuscore has your BLACK FRIDAY SALE, giving you 40% off an annual membership.

The simulation model uses past player performances and relates that data to the coming match: team composition, weather, location, coaching… We define each player with a unique algorithm and simulate every match approximately 10,000 times.

Accuscore isn’t just for predicting how your favorite team will do. It is also home to some high-powered analytical tools for those hockey players and coaches in your lives. Accuscore has created an ice hockey player database based on advanced analytics methods. Each player performance can be ranked against other players in the same league.

Accuscore even has things for outside of the sports world. The company has predicted with great accuracy elections and the Eurovision Song Contest too.

So, if you know of a person who loves numbers and sports, this is a great tool for them! Don’t forget, you can only get this tool at 40% off until Nov. 28. So, get your favorite sports geek the ultimate sports geek tool!

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