tBBC Fans Interact: Sparty NO!; Eric, Chris, Todd, Bev and Brad

tBBC Fans Interact: Sparty NO!; Eric, Chris, Todd, Bev and Brad

zz The Buckeye Battlecry

tBBC Fans Interact: Sparty NO!; Eric, Chris, Todd, Bev and Brad

Sometimes we need a close call to wake us up for things at hand. The Buckeyes just about got caught looking ahead against a very below average Sparty team, but everyone knew it would be a dog fight. Throw out the records when those two teams meet because their hatred for each other is almost at the TTUN level.

Give a follow to this weeks participants, Eric, Chris, Todd, Bev and regular fan Brad Hammond!

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What are your thoughts on how the offense struggled, the weather or more of issues from before?

Eric – I really didn’t think the offense struggled much. It was solely the passing game, and I blame that on the wind. Weber did an amazing job – probably should’ve run it more. Barrett ran it a few too many times, but it seemed because Samuel was being keyed on. It looked like they had a game-plan, and stuck to it. Meyer even eluded to that a bit in the post game.

Chris – I feel as if the weather played havoc on the passing game. The wind has a lot of impact on throwing the ball, I feel we should of had more running attempts for Weber and Samuel.

Todd – I’m not a fan of the 2 OC system, I’m not sure what’s going on, as far as the weather, the run game should have been used more, Weber and Samuel could have been more effective than JT trying to run it

Bev – It wasn’t the weather. JT was struggling for most of the game not sure what the problem was. He was making bad decisions. The offense couldn’t seem to get into and the defense kept missing tackles. We were lucky to come out with the win.

Brad – For anyone out there who wants to say the weather was an excuse. The next time it’s 35 degrees , snowing & Sleet with a 15 mph wind . Grab yourself a football go outside & try to throw it in the wind. Let me know if you can do it better than JT Barrett. I don’t care that Sparty was 3-7 . 28 kids from there plus Dino are from Ohio. It was their bowl game Saturday.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m a lit happier with a 1 point win than 1 point loss.

The Silver Bullets got caught off guard on two big plays. Was this a case of good game planning on Sparty’s part or poor play calling on defense? Explain

Eric – On the run play, Baker? I believe missed the tackle in the backfield. Then Scott ran through his hole. That’s just bad luck. It happens.

The pass play? It was a throwback, with really good downfield blocking. The LB’s and DB’s just got beat to the spot. Scott is no slouch.

Chris –  It’s good play calling and scouting by state. Missed tackles and missed assignments led to the big plays we have a great defense they simply just got beat. Not worried tho at all its not an ongoing problem state just got lucky.

Todd – honestly I think they just got lucky, maybe just a little over pursuit by Baker, as far as the pass play they just got lucky

Bev –  It was both. Sparty came very prepared and ready to play. On the other hand, offense and defense were pretty much out played. Our defense missed a lot of tackles and kept Sparty in the game. Offense couldn’t seem to get it done. JT was off his game.

Brad – The defense got beat to the edge on several chunk plays. Fickle & Schiano will have that corrected by THE GAME. the play Baker missed on twice the first one on the TD run he was blatantly held. The second he over committed & didn’t wrap up Scott.

Given the weather and the safe play calling, who’s the pulse of this offense and why do you think so?

Eric – Its based off Barrett. He’s the heart of the team. Even though Weber was doing a stellar job, the reads and the passes all come from Barrett. If he’s keyed on the entire game, it won’t matter – he has playmakers and will get the ball to them.

Chris –  JT has to set the tone and pulse the offense feeds off of him. If he plays well the offense plays well it’s that simple.

Todd – I agree with Eric, JT has to set the tone and the pulse.

Bev –   I also agree with Eric. The tone of the game was set by JT and it affected them all.

Brad – Player wise it’s JT. But make no mistake the man calling the shots since the loss to Penn State is none other the Urban Meyer himself. He will have them ready for booger err Harbaugh & the rest of the occupants from The Big Double Wide in Ann Arbor.


Its the week of THE Game, what do the Buckeyes have to do to beat TTUN?

Eric – With, or without them having a decent starting QB, the Buckeyes HAVE to be able to run on this Xichigan defense. Without any run game, the offense comes to a grinding halt.

Chris – STOP the run and limit peppers to big plays on the defensive side of the ball and special teams. Passing attack does not worry me too much. Our defense has been amazing against the pass. Offensive side establish the run and get JT going early. ANd for the love of god get Noah involved he has been a no show lately.

Todd – Stop big runs by them, and we’ve got to be able to control the line of scrimmage, bust Weber free a couple times and I can see us winning easily again

Bev –  Defense go after the QB big time and block block block. Offense protect JT so he can throw that ball to the receiver and get it done!

Brad – Do what you do dominate both lines of scrimmage. Teams have proven the can run the ball on TUN. The Secondary can contain Tuns wideouts make John O Korn beat you. I don’t think he can.


What is your prediction for this week?

Eric – Us 34 them 21

Chris – Buckeyes 37 – 17

Todd – Buckeyes 27 TTUN 13

Bev –  24-13 Buckeyes!

Brad – Buckeyes 42 -17 JT & The offense find their Stride Mike Weber eats up yards & Curtis Samuel gets lose a few times & The defense line pressures and hurries O Korn.


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