What could have been

What could have been

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What could have been

With the introduction of the Vegas Golden Knights, NHL.com reflected on some of the other names teams other teams have in the league. It’s a whole lot of fun, but I am particularly struck by some of the names that could have been. Sure, there are some awkward stories, like Flames originally being named after the burning of Atlanta, or the Hurricanes being named after two recent, devastating hurricanes in the Carolinas. No, I want to imagine teams with names that could have been, with a different historical break. Here are my favorites.

Buffalo Sabres  – Buffalo Mugwumps. It was either this or the Buzzing Bees or Flying Zeppelins. All wouldd have been terrific. I’m going with Mugwumps if I am bringing an old name back.

Colorado Avalanche – Rocky Mountain Extreme. Yes, this team moved to Colorado in the mid 90s, how did you guess?

Minnesota Wild – Minnesota Northern Lights. See? Wild wasn’t the worst possible choice.

New York Islanders – Long Island Ducks, mostly because what would Disney have called Anaheim when they came into the league?

San Jose Sharks – San Jose Breeze. Can you imagine Brent Burns signing an 8 year contract extension with the Breeze? Sounds charming.

Toronto Maple Leafs – Toronto St. Pat’s. Because that’s just confusing, really.

Winnipeg Jets – Winnipeg Clubs. They do not have clubs in Winnipeg.

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