Friday Night Slights: A Fan Post By Brad Hammond

Friday Night Slights: A Fan Post By Brad Hammond

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Friday Night Slights: A Fan Post By Brad Hammond

Legal disclaimer The Following views are those of Brad from The Buckeye Underground & do not represent those of the staff or publisher of The Buckeye Battle Cry. Though you may find yourself agreeing with him.

Hello greetings from The State Up North, or as I like to call it Hell. For those of you looking for a respectful view of the rivalry, you’ve come to the wrong place. For nearly the last 40 years I can assure this.

The Majority of the inbred Tobacco chewing Walmart shopping Weasels do not Respect anything wearing Scarlet & Gray. Neither do their upper crust brethren who actually attended the So-Called Harvard of the Huron.they have however called Ohio State cheaters & a rogue SEC team. Uneducated & intellectually inferior.

Therefore my response to the Occupants of THE BIG DOUBLE WIDE is the following.

That’s right Buckeye Nation the proper name for the stadium in Ann Arbor is not the big house it is THE BIG DOUBLE WIDE & From now & Forever be referred to as by Buckeye fans throughout eternity.

The reason it fits is The Ann Arbor , Saline Chelsea area of Washtenaw county is full of more hill-jacks than possibly the state of Alabama. Hell if you’ve ever been to Ann Arbor their main through street actually changes from Carpenter Rd to Hogback rd.

How Brent Beilema never wound up as head coach is a mystery if anyone was ever destined to be near Hogback rd it’s Pig sooey himself. Also more chewing tobacco is sold in that area per capita than anywhere in the United States.

But I digress, instead we get to deal with Captain Khaki err Booger err Jim Harbaugh who Weasel fans until their dying breath will insist that he is an elite coach & will continue to do so until he winds up 0-3 to Urban at the end of 2017 season where they will turn on him like the jackals they are.

I firmly believe that not only will Urban lead The Buckeyes to victory Saturday but will dispatch of the great kahki satan back to nfl as early as the end of the 2017 season. They do not have the patience to endure a John Cooper like coaching situation like we did during the 9o’s & yet these skoal & kodiak chewing geniuses have have went through 4 consecutive coaches in a 15 year period to equal Coopers ineptitude going 2-13 over roughly the same time period.

So far Booger err Harbaugh has been short & curt with press this week advising his players not to make any guarantees.

Cue the most overrated player in College football Jabrill Peppers the man Weasel fans have self ordained as the Next Charles Woodson. Now I’m not one to normally defend a son of Ohio who went Benedict Arnold. I will say Peppers is no Woodson. In all honesty he’s not even a poor man’s Chris Gamble.

Yet he has time this week to say that the Weasel defense is not worried about the Buckeye offense being able to go over the top against their defense and that JT Barrett will be easily pressured & rattled by them. Keep talking & giving Urban & Mickey Marotti  bulletin board material.

Remember last season Weasels when you faced a PO’d Urban Meyer Football Team? It happened last season & Something tells me it’s gonna happen again. Buckeyes 42 Weaselville 17.

Until next time This Brad The Buckeye behind Enemy lines Good night & Go Bucks.

OH –

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