Saints Nation Guru Week 12 vs Rams

Saints Nation Guru Week 12 vs Rams


Saints Nation Guru Week 12 vs Rams

This joke has been made so many times, but… our Special teams is pretty “special” no? This weeks questions will be on the teams “speciality” in its own way.

Lets not waste too much time kidding around and look at last weeks results. The Saints offense scored 2 Touchdowns. Despite the 2 turnovers they were all on Brees, Thomas was not involved. Saints defense allowed 2 touchdowns and Sterling Moore was not part of a turnover since the Saints got 0 making the turnover diff once again -2 for the second straight week. The Correct answer to the tie-breaker question is: Drew Brees had 285 passing yards. That is close to last week. So he is pretty consistent and frankly I am amazed it was so much since he nearly threw all short.

A boatload of us had 2 answers correct, namely the no and no questions, where only a few had any team scoring only 2 touchdowns. Most of those however had 1 yes. There is only one with 3 correct answers and that is BENIEK! Congratulations yo are this weeks guru and are tied for second place. One more win and you are virtually the owner of $25.

The last place this week goes to the only person with only 1 answer correct, which is kindtorcher. Can you believe that everyone else had 2 questions right? Find a nice place for the Falcons Cup, or use it as a torch 🙂 You are allowed to burn it to the ground.

This weeks leaderboards:

The Guru:
ElImanov – 2
jdup22 – 1
ultimatenyg – 1
painstakingly – 1
SaintsNation – 1
Own The Falcons – 1
mateusjf – 1
Monedula_ – 1

The Falcons cup:
Own The Falcons – 3
ElImanov – 2
Monedula_ – 1
mateusjf – 1
Eliza18s – 1
CharlieB721 – 1
kindtorcher  – 1

As said the questions this week are a bit “special”:5

  1. Does Saints special teams majorly screw up a play again? (Penalties or missed PATs/FGs do NOT count as a major screw up)
  2. Does Drew Brees Fumble or Throw an INT again?
  3. How many penalties do the Saints safeties get called against them?
  4. What is the number of kicks (Field goals and PATs) that are made by the Saints kicker?
  5. Tie-breaker: Name the total combined yards on kick- and punt returns by Saints players.

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