Tom Brady remains vague about his injury status

Tom Brady remains vague about his injury status

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Tom Brady remains vague about his injury status

This isn’t much of a shock, but New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady continues to take after Bill Belichick and remains as mysterious as possible about his health.

Brady missed two days of practice this week while dealing with a knee issue. His going limited in practice is common, though missing outright is more rare, so it’s only natural folks have asked him about this issue.

The answer, via Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald, is interesting:

So begins the speculation.

So what is this injury? Yahoo Sports’ Eric Edholm took a guess:

The exact origin of the injury is unknown, but it could be related to the hard, low hit Brady took two weeks ago from Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor, although Brady indicated that was more of a quad injury and it wasn’t listed on last week’s report. Brady played every snap against the San Francisco 49ers and appeared to move around without issue.

Either way, Adam Schefter of ESPN noted Brady suited up for practice Friday. While generally good news, Brady’s non-committal note about his status casts a shadow of doubt.

Then again, this is one of the most mysterious franchises in sports. Until Brady actually doesn’t take the field Sunday, it’s best to presume this falls under mind games to toy with the opponent.

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