The List of Pensblog - Triple Threat

The List of Pensblog - Triple Threat


The List of Pensblog - Triple Threat

More stupid idiots this week. Welcome back to The List of Pensblog, type it in man.

*side note, does anyone know how to autoplay these embedded videos?

Here’s who made the cut this week, including a twitter submission.

Paul Steigerwald – This feels so good. Total garbage. From always jinxing the Penguins, to talking about the OPPOSING team most of the game, really wish the radio could sync with the TV more. Also, Paul, what does “we’ll go by that clock” mean…it’s the time remaining in the period what other clock would we go by?  (Thanks to @ScottBrown717)

Ryan McDonagh – *This is probably spelled wrong somewhere, I don’t give a shit.* Worst captain not named Claude Giroux or Alex Ovechkin. His hit on Sheary was an asshole more, total trash hit. It was great to see him put on behind his own goaltender later in the game. Nothing more to say, welcome to the list.

Pens Twitter – Whoever runs the Pens twitter account needs to log off. Always trying to be funny with forced jokes and puns. They did favorite my tweet about the 50 year documentary…but still, Jesus H. Christ on a bike are they bad.

A hat trick of submissions this week, but keep them coming in the c-blog or on twitter with #TheListofPensblog.

Go Pens.

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