Dolphins ban fans for fighting during game vs. 49ers

Dolphins ban fans for fighting during game vs. 49ers

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Dolphins ban fans for fighting during game vs. 49ers

The Dolphins are giving fans a reason to go to their games by winning six in a row and improving to 7-4.

They’re giving fans another reason to go to Hard Rock Stadium by banning fans who fight and trying to provide a safer environment, even if security is slow to respond to the fight in the first place.

According to the Miami Herald, season-ticket holders involved in a brawl during Sunday’s game against the 49ers have had their season tickets revoked and are banned from entering the stadium.

The melee in the upper deck of the stadium, which was captured on video, began when a fan wearing a Dolphins jersey made a comment regarding Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick angered many South Florida residents with his pro-Fidel Castro comments. The person who shot the video of the fight told CBS 4 in Miami that the man who started the fight said “Go back to New York. Leave, go to another country. You know, take your Muslim quarterback.”

The video shooter, who brought his young daughter to the game, said he was disturbed by how long it took security to respond.

It was a scary situation since there was at least one other small child in the area of the fight.

One Dolphins fan does provide a little comic relief, however, by yelling “why are we throwing the ball?” Apparently Adam Gase’s play calling bothered him more than the fight.

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