Peyton Manning visits Eli Manning at practice

Peyton Manning visits Eli Manning at practice

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Peyton Manning visits Eli Manning at practice

If anyone has wondered what it would be like if Eli Manning and Peyton Manning were on the same team, the Giants this week will provide the closest example.

Peyton Manning was scheduled to be in New York Wednesday to be honored by the March of Dimes, according to the New York Daily News, and stopped by Giants practice.

Seeing his 40-year-old retired brother put things in perspective for the 35-year-old Eli Manning.

“I’ve never taken a season, a day, a game for granted, because you know how quickly it can turn,” Eli Manning said. “I understand the game can slip from you quickly, so always take advantage of it and don’t let a game go by.”

Eli Manning and the Giants (8-3) can’t let Sunday’s game at Heinz Field go by. They’ve won six in a row and want to remain in good position to make the playoffs.

Peyton Manning sat in on meetings Tuesday and gave his brother some pointers on beating the Steelers. Manning led the Broncos to a 23-16 win over the Steelers in last season’s AFC divisional playoffs on their way to winning Super Bowl 50.

The only problem is that the Steelers (6-5) will almost certainly have Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown available Sunday, and they’ll be at home. Peyton Manning didn’t have to deal with any of those obstacles when he beat the Steelers in January.

Still, the Giants will benefit from the minds of two Manning brothers with four Super Bowl rings between them when they visit the Steelers Sunday.

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