Stephen Curry talks re-signing with Warriors

Stephen Curry talks re-signing with Warriors

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Stephen Curry talks re-signing with Warriors

Most probably wouldn’t know it, but Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is headed for unrestricted free agency next summer.

Notice how nobody has labeled it the “Summer of Stephen Curry” like they did for Kevin Durant? Most likely because Curry leaving Golden State seems so outlandish…like LeBron in Cleveland and Durant in Oklahoma City.

But enough jokes. Curry spoke with the Wall Street Journal briefly about his future trip to the market:

Although he says “curveballs happen all the time,” it should relieve millions of people in the Bay Area that Curry feels that he is home. “It’s hard to see myself anywhere else.”

Obviously Curry wouldn’t say anything otherwise at this point in time. But one has to wonder what happens if the Warriors collapse again and the prospects of keeping Durant don’t look great.

Who are we kidding? Curry is on a surefire contender for years to come. He plays in one of the best markets in the world. Oh, and Golden State can offer him more cash than anywhere else. The Warriors aren’t his hometown Charlotte Hornets, but not every superstar cares for an epic homecoming.

At the end of the day? It’s easy to take Curry at his word on this one. Just like LeBron and Durant.

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