Vikings vs Dallas Preview

Vikings vs Dallas Preview


Vikings vs Dallas Preview

The Minnesota Vikings (6-5) will be hosting the Dallas Cowboys (10-1) at U.S. Bank Stadium for their second Thursday night game. The Vikings are looking to salvage their season but have a David and Goliath type battle ahead of them as they face the highly focused and impressive Cowboys.

Last week’s loss to the Lions have Detroit stepping a full game ahead into first place, but it also was a continual exposal of the flaws that are dooming the Vikings. Minnesota’s offense continues to be in a downward spiral for them this team. An issue that occurred last week and weeks before is going for it on 4th and inches. When you have a strong offensive line that is the practical thing to do, but when your o-line is using 3rd stringers and they are weak, you only give the opposing team better field position. And when you’re facing a high caliber o-line like Dallas’, that isn’t where you want to be.

This offense as whole needs to step it up. Missing connections and Quarterback Sam Bradford being hit left and right is only going to continue to kill this team. The panic throwing of Bradford is expected when he is consistently getting hit, but even in the few instances he has time to throw, he’s overthrowing and or making mistakes like the interception at the end of the Lions game that ultimately gave them the loss. It is crazy to say that Bradford needs to calm down, but he needs to calm down. While he doesn’t have much time throw, he needs to take a breather and focus with the minimal time he has. The only benefit that Minnesota’s beaten offense has is that Dallas’ defense isn’t as strong and they are struggling as well as having a few players out with injuries.

The Vikings defense has been a source of consistency for them this season but they have a heavy task in front of them with the Cowboys. This offensive line is no joke. Dallas is third in the league in scoring, with 28.7 points per game, fifth in total offensive yards with 407.6 per game. But don’t expect for Minnesota’s defense to just roll over, they have allowed the second-fewest points per game with 17.5 and are third in total defense, only giving up 307 yards per game. The Vikings best plan to try and minimize Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot is to have Minnesota’s defense show up and early.

If the Cowboys win, they could be the first team to clinch a playoff spot this weekend. While the Vikings are just looking to salvage their broken season and bodies. If David could behead Goliath, could the Vikings do the same to the Cowboys? Could the saying. ‘nothing to lose, but everything to gain’ come to fruition for Minnesota? Let’s be realistic the odds don’t look promising for the Vikings. The next man up is already tired and this team has barely managed to survive, but in true Minnesota fashion… never say never.

Watching the game? Here’s what you need to know:

TIME: 7:25 CST CHANNEL: NBC (Local channel 11), RADIO: 100.3 FM- KFAN/ 1130 AM- KTLK



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