Herein Lies The Rub

Herein Lies The Rub


Herein Lies The Rub

007I haven’t been back since before the Miami game.  Even though the Chargers won last week, here’s why I can’t have much optimism.  Let’s go back to November 20:

Chargers are down 21-17…

4-4-SD 38 (13:51) 8-D.Kaser punts 55 yards to MIA 7, Center-47-M.Windt. 19-J.Grant MUFFS catch, touched at MIA 7, RECOVERED by SD-25-D.Stuckey at MIA 5. 25-D.Stuckey to MIA 5 for no gain (19-J.Grant).

San Diego Chargers ball at 13:41

1-5-MIA 5 (13:41) (Shotgun) 28-M.Gordon up the middle to MIA 5 for no gain (50-A.Branch).
2-5-MIA 5 (12:56) (Shotgun) 17-P.Rivers pass incomplete short right to 28-M.Gordon.
3-5-MIA 5 (12:51) (Shotgun) 17-P.Rivers pass incomplete short right to 16-Ty.Williams. PENALTY on MIA-41-B.Maxwell, Defensive Holding, 3 yards, enforced at MIA 5 – No Play.
1-2-MIA 2 (12:47) (Shotgun) 17-P.Rivers pass incomplete short left.
2-2-MIA 2 (12:42) (Shotgun) 17-P.Rivers pass short left intended for 16-Ty.Williams INTERCEPTED by 36-T.Lippett at MIA -8. Touchback.

Yes, the Chargers eventually went ahead in that game.  However, this is once again the same scenario they encountered in their loss to Denver.  The run blocking was pretty porous against Miami, but to not run at all after the penalty…It just shows that McCoy will never learn and that Deano won’t hold him accountable.

I don’t care if Ryan Tannehill is improving.  It never should have gotten that far.  Fortunately, my kids needed me so I didn’t see Rivers’ pick six.  But once again, why the fuck is he throwing in that spot?  Last night I watched a little of the ’94 AFC title game as it was posted in its entirety.

Even though I was there that day, I was still struck by how loud it was.  I was also impressed by how much guts the Chargers showed.  There was a hold on the play before the bomb to Martin.  It’s 3rd and 14 and the Bolts are down by 3 in that spot.  They’re out of field goal range.  But they go for the win.  It’s still amazing to see Martin explode into the pattern like he jumped off a trampoline.

Now, we’ve got a loser coach who I don’t think they’ll even fire if the Chargers lost all their remaining games.  As is often reported, the Spanoses want reasons NOT TO DO ANYTHING.  It won’t get us any closer to a championship, but they don’t want make any moves.  They love having a cheap yes man under the headset.  Any other coach doesn’t drop the KC, NO and MIA games.  I could see the Chargers beating Tampa but I cannot imagine them winning out.  As has been pointed out, the most Charger thing would be to win until they get to Cleveland and then be the first team to lose to the Browns.

Again, it’s not just about Mike McCoy.  It’s that he represents a total commitment to not winning that I hate.  With more talk of moving to LA this week, I can’t help but think that if they did actually move they might need to hire a coach who could win.  For the last two seasons, they’ve put San Diegans in this holding pattern which isn’t good for anyone.  Shit feels stagnant.

I was impressed with the defense in the Houston game, however.  Even without Brown, who I fear won’t play again this year, the linebackers were sure tacklers.  Perryman helped with that, for sure.  Of course, they still can’t recover an onside kick even though McCoy will say it needs to be cleaned up, blah, blah, blah.

Even with the picks, I can’t be mad at Phil.  He takes a beating back there due to idiots like Barksdale (not that Franklin and Dunlap have been any better), and never throws anyone under the bus.  I’ll be watching tomorrow still and rooting.  Unlike last season, I won’t pull for a loss because I know they won’t fire the coach no matter what.


I promise I’ll make a full post next week no matter what.



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