It Don't Get Any Lower Than This

It Don't Get Any Lower Than This


It Don't Get Any Lower Than This


Actually it might.  But today was indicative of everything that is wrong with this entire organization.  I know I’ve given Rivers a free pass since 2014.  You may remember, FAITHFUL READER, that I was one of his biggest critics.  I wrote that the 2010 season was the beginning of some awful habits and the the “chuck and suck” of the latter Norv era was soon to follow.  But after the 2014 season when the RUMORS of moving on from Phil surfaced, I determined that it was too much for me to bear if he left.  I believe that a real organization with a real coach could get more out of him than what is happening now.  Mike McCoy is not the entirety of the problem.  He is a symptom.  But no other team would allow him to still be here.  Boltheads, fewer by the day, have such low expectations for Dean, AG and John Spanos that they fear McCoy will not only not be fired but be extended.  After finding out about Telesco getting an extension before last season even started, I can’t blame them.

As soon as Keenan Allen went down in the first half of the first game there was that sickening feeling that Deano would use injuries as an excuse to suck.  With a historic run of players carted off, that feeling has only increased.  The fumbles against New Orleans are a reflection of the “culture” that this idiot referred to.


The fact that this Tweet was pulled after fans blasted the team says it all.  Fans are angry because they have no confidence that the Spanoses will do anything in the pursuit of winning.  Yet they care enough to take this Tweet down?  Melvin Gordon may not play again this year (three yards short of 1,000) because he was going after another Rivers fumble caused by awful protection.  The fumbles against the Saints and Raiders were costly, but Gordon has been amazing this year.  He gets no blocking either and has played his ass off.  He doesn’t need 1,000 yards to validate his year but falling short of it is sadly symbolic.  Bosa got taken out but apparently doesn’t have a concussion.

How is it that the Chargers had the biggest line in football and they are this bad.  Orlando Franklin has been abysmal, King Dunlap has regressed and Fluker looks like shit.  Barksdale is like McCoy and wouldn’t be out there for any other team.  To Rivers’ credit he never once mentions the shitty play in front of him.  He still needs to make better decisions.  For a guy who has thrown away more passes than I can remember (including one that was actually picked off in Chicago), it was pathetic to see that safety.

Now the fucking Raiders come into San Diego with the fanbase as apathetic as ever and I can’t blame them.  Dean Spanos seems to have done nothing right in his pursuit of a new stadium.  There seems to be no standards at all with this team.  If you actually believe, as Kevin Acee wrote this week, that the team won’t be hurt again next year then keeping McCoy ensures another wasted season.  The Raiders haven’t been affected by Bucky Larson and his quest for a new building.  In fact, it seems like the only reason that team has brought itself back from the brink was that it stopped letting family members make football decisions.  It took Al Davis to die for that happen, but still.

It’s the second football week in December and the Chargers have never been so fucked.  They might as well lose in Cleveland on Christmas (and Hanukkah) eve just to put the cherry on this shit sundae of a season.

And the worst part is there is no reason to think they’ll do a damn thing about it.




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