Broncos sound like they're developing an internal rift between players

Broncos sound like they're developing an internal rift between players

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Broncos sound like they're developing an internal rift between players

Not all is well with the Denver Broncos.

Third in the AFC West and losers in three of four, its almost sounds like team is starting to erupt from within. This isn’t much of a surprise considering Denver’s only win over its past four games came against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The losses? At the hands of contenders such as the Kansas City Chiefs, Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots.

After Sunday’s loss to New England, it sounds like the defense isn’t too pleased with its offensive counterpart, per’s Michael Silver:

When the beaten Broncos spilled into the locker room, before the door was opened to reporters and other outsiders, coach Gary Kubiak gathered his players and asked if anyone wanted to address the team. Veteran left tackle Russell Okung, who signed with the Broncos last March, stepped forward to speak, and cornerback Aqib Talib strongly objected. According to several witnesses, that set off a spirited shouting match between the team’s defensive backs and offensive linemen — one which Kubiak had to diffuse before it turned ugly.

“Pretty much your classic offense vs. defense divide,” as one Denver player described it.

No shock here—the defense held Tom Brady and the Patriots to 16 points. All the offense could do was muster a field goal.

Russell Okung later said he was fine with the situation:

“I definitely understand their frustration,” Okung told “They played well enough to win, and they held that team to 16 points, which a lot of teams don’t do. We’re an emotional team; that’s what makes us so good. To me, that’s part of who we are.

The Broncos have two weeks to either come together or fall completely apart. Denver has to take on the Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders to close the season, two teams that have already bested the Broncos once this year.

With the playoffs at stake, Denver will either prove itself championship worthy or a pretender based on how the team bounces back from this rather surprising turn of events.

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